9 Reasons You Should “NOT” Want To Live In Texas

Texans are too friendly to be True

If you are that introvert or that homie who loves indoors and private life, Texas is not your place. People in Texas love smiling and making everyone around them happy. You might find it very creepy to see people smiling at you on the streets and some even saying a quick “hello” but that’s the way of life in Texas.

The availability of Jobs creates no Room for lazy outsiders

It is funny that many people do not migrate from Texas, other people from outside come to Texas looking for jobs. Therefore, if you are that sluggard who likes to lazy around, sorry but Texas will not entertain you. There is plenty of white-collar as well as blue-collar jobs for everyone.

Too much Sunshine

How about the first thing you look at in the morning is the smiling sun? Or you are woken up by its heat? Ouch! That’s not good news. Well, living in Texas means you have to cope or you have to give the sun its space, deal with the blue skies and keep your umbrellas far away. It is there throughout the year anyway.

You might find it hard to choose over the scintillating beautiful Landscapes

Texas will offer you all a big state will have to offer. There are very many beautiful places to visit. The lakes, beaches, bluebonnets, hills, canyons and the huge cities. There is just plenty to see like the Snow El Capitan, Moody Gardens, the Cadillac Ranch, the Austin’s Pennybacker Bridge and many more.

Very cheap Lifestyle

If you are a ‘don’t settle for less’ person, in Texas your chances of survival will be minimal. The state is just too cheap from food, housing, land, events like Summer Fest, Austin City Limits, and shopping. The state is big and houses big malls like the Houston Galleria, which offers crazy promotions and offers

Too many Barbecue Restaurants

Apart from Tex Mex Texas boasts of its one of a kind barbecues. Actually, most restaurants do barbecues and the world comes to just have a taste of this delicacy. Sorry vegetarians you won’t like to hear this.

Sporting in a whole new level

Texas hosts many sports people and boosted America’s gold medals in 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Houston, Texas hosts the Houston Rockets (NBA), the Houston Astros (MLB), The Houston Dynamo(MLS) and many others.

Low or No Taxes?

Texas is among the seven states where citizens do not pay any personal state income tax. They are a few incentives for businesses too. Therefore if you are that good citizen who loves to pay the government for their work, Texas definitely is not in need.

Everything but nothing is huge

From schools, shopping malls, and cities such as Houston, Austin, Dallas and San Antonio, everything in Texas is literally big. Research asserts that Texas is one of the second largest state in America. With big events coming up, malls, Schools, and job opportunities. It is also said that it offers a very good climate for businesses.

A longtime resident of Austin, Texas, Elsa-Mae loves exploring the outdoors with her two dogs; Zepher and “Bella-Trix the Strange”. Her hobbies include hiking, horsebacking, and kayaking. In Elsa-Mae’s free time she loves to blog about the vast beauty of Texas.

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