Advantages of Vocational Tests

The tests which are used to identify the alternative employment opportunities, for the candidates during the pre-employment stage are called as the vocational tests. The assessment from this test includes an interview to find out the employment history of the candidate as well his strengths, interests and skills. The use of the vocational assessment is to facilitate the range of realistic possible job openings for the candidates, which will help them, attain the meaningful and desired employment in the times to come.

A vocational test is particularly helpful when retraining is needed in order to re-enter the open labor market after some kind of injury or illness has been endured by the candidate.

What all is involved in the vocational assessment?

During the vocational assessment, the following factors are taken into consideration:

  1. Skills and employment history
  2. Strengths and interests
  3. Physical and functional abilities
  4. Labor market research

The vocational tests are generally completed within 3 hours.  After the assessment a detailed report is prepared that either sends a recommendation regarding the potential jobs available for the candidate or the various training requirements he needs in order to fit into the labor market.

How can the results of the vocational tests be used?

The results of the Vocational assessments can be used for a variety of reasons such as:

  • To find out short or long term employment opportunities that are based on the skill set of the client and his past employment history.
  • To discover any kind of training or educational courses that he needs to promote a safe return to work.
  • To clear out the capacity of the client to undertake additional study.
  • To discover internal or external options of redeployment.
  • To help in identifying appropriate host employment options to facilitate on the job training.

The vocational test is undertaken to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate. When they engage themselves in career counseling, they will be working with a trained professional most likely, who can help them with various aptitudes and career assessment tests which are designed to match the natural skills set and abilities and strengths of the candidates with key components of careers as specific to their needs. They will also be able to determine what weaknesses the candidates may have so that both of them can accordingly work towards improving the same or else the candidate might end up choosing a career which is only path to the frustration. But in case he has this insight much in advance he can chose the career he is meant to be working in.

These tests also help in goal setting for greater results and for the future career goals. The steps which are needed to push the career to another level are identified and communicated to the candidates and this also includes helping them explore the further career options that they need in their lives. They can identify and make effective career choices. It is possible through the educational support and guidance as given by the counselors and also helps them in job search support. This is possible only through the support and encouragement that one receives from the counselors regarding the same.

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