Be A Part Of Dandeli Tourism and Experience The Best

Located just 125 kilometers from the state of Goa, Dandeli is a hidden tropical gem of a vacation spot for Indian and foreign tourists at its best. The scenery and wildlife mixed with the geography and moderate temperatures has greatly boosted Dandeli Tourism. Dandeli tourist places are being rated by frequent travelers as must-visit places. Moreover, it has been listed countless times on articles featuring top places to visit in India.

Whether you are looking for Home stay in Dandeli or you’re looking for Resorts in Dandeli you’ll not be disappointed with the accommodations at Dandeli Dreams. Our prime location and activities will make your visit a memorable one.

Be A Part Of Dandeli Tourism and Experience The Best

Why You Should Visit Popular Dandeli Tourist Places for the Complete Dandeli Experience:

Whether it is the wildlife, the natural water, the hills or just the pleasant weather, there’s something that will appeal to everyone who is on the fence about coming over here:

  1. Location:
  • Dandeli Dreams is located in the bountiful forest farmland of Varande, a village in Joida Taluk. The enclosure provides for a soothing yet adventurous stay at the Dandeli Hotels.
  • It is situated in a well known tourist spot that’s equidistant to Dudhsagar Falls, Castlerock Station, Ganeshgudi, etc where more tourist activities are available.
  1. Wildlife:
  • Being a forest-centric location, local wildlife is more than just an attraction, but the essence of the whole Dandeli Tourism experience.
  • Tigers, crocodiles, exotic birds, etc are only some of the whole wild animals and creatures you can spot while your stay at the resorts in Dandeli.
  • Many Dandeli hotels includingours provide you the opportunity to go on Jungle safaris and enjoy roaming with the forest wildlife and bird watching.
  1. Tourist-Centered Activities:
  • Many safe activities have been determined and allowed for tourists to participate in, in the hills, by the rivers or in the forests.
  • These include river rafting, kayaking, mountain trekking, river crossing, jungle safari, etc which can be enjoyed by people living in the Dandeli Hotels or visiting the Dandeli Tourist places.
  • These activities have been classified as to be done with family, solo or with friends and depend on the tourists enjoying their home stay in Dandeli.
  1. Choose Your Manner of Stay as Per Your Activities and Interests:
  • You can choose the kind of environment and accommodation you want to stay in as per the activities you are planning to do during your home stay in Dandeli.
  • For instance, the Stan Farm House is a resort specifically for campers who can set up tents at night and listen to the flora in the forest.
  • Another kind of resort is the Kali Adventure Camp which is situated near River Kali, one of the most popular Dandeli Tourist Places.It’s known for its water activities and vibrant environment filled with energy and tourists.
  • Those who wish to have a relaxing, peaceful stay can make use of the Nature Nest Home Stay in Dandeli. It has deluxe rooms and offers peace of mind and tranquility to the tourists.

Whatever your choice maybe, you’ll be satisfied with the accommodation you’ll receive. There’s something for everyone at this popular Tourist spot, whether it be Domestic tourists or foreign travelers. People are advised to book as per their budget and number of people in the group for an optimal experience to avoid the rush during winter season.

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