Benefits Of Using Resistance Band For Fitness Routines

For muscle and strength building and anaerobic endurance, resistance band makes a great piece of equipment to add to your list of basic routine equipment. With a band, you could do resistance exercises such as weight training as well as strength training without weights. Quite handy, it comes in different shapes, strengths and sizes and it is pretty easy to store. This way, you could choose the resistance type that suits your fitness cause.

Benefits Of Using Resistance Band For Fitness Routines

Benefits of Resistance Bands

Cost efficiency

With 10 bucks, you can add this great piece of equipment to your routine as well as rehabilitation programs. The complete kits with several training materials, DVDs, written guides and a figure eight tube (resistance band) would cost not more than thirty to forty dollars. For that, you are paying almost next to nothing for it. There are also core kits which comes with high strength resistance band intended for intensive strength training.


Made of thin rubber which has two ends with each end having a handle, resistance band takes no space at all. You don’t have to make provision for space for the piece as well as your routine. That makes it a great item for saving space. If you happen to be at the gym and it is jammed, you could do your routine in a small corner with your resistance band.

Safe for use

Resistance band can be used in place of weights which are risky to use for routines, especially if you don’t have a training partner. It doesn’t break. You can use it anytime anywhere, home, hotel or gym houses.

Makes a great travelling piece

For the fact that a resistance band is portable, it is easy to carry along when making trip, stashing it right in your bag to be used for fitness routines in hotels. Moreso, you could use it anywhere you find space…

Easy to be used with other fitness equipment

Resistance band can be easily combined with other equipment to kill two birds with a stone. In order words, you can perform two routines simultaneously by combining the piece with other equipment. For instance you can do arm building and pull-up with a resistance band by strapping it around a power rack and then performing a back and forth sort of resistance in which you bring the the handle of the band close your chest and then release it.

Ideal for familiar exercises

Resistance band is used for muscle building exercises that you would normally do with weights and for that you don’t need to get trained or opt for a high learning cycle class to use it. It makes a perfect replacement for weights and it can be used for high intensity pull-up workouts.

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