CBD Oil For Anxiety

All You Need to Know About CBD Oil for Anxiety

Anxiety is a serious and potentially debilitating condition that affects millions of people around the world. The modern, fast-paced world we currently live in has definitely contributed to a huge increase in the number of people afflicted by serious anxiety issues.

Especially in these economically uncertain times, the average person truly does have a lot to be anxious about, which helps to explain why more and more Americans continue to be prescribed prescription anti-anxiety medications like Xanax and Valium. However, there is growing evidence that cannabidiol (CBD) is a much more effective and a much safer alternative, which is why more and more people are beginning to use CBD oil for anxiety.

Using CBD Oil for Anxiety: Kicking the Prescription Pill Habit

The problem with these prescription anti-anxiety medications is that they tend to be quite habit forming, and in truth, they really only mask the issue. This means that those anxiety problems are likely to immediately resurface as soon as you stop taking these medications, which is part of the reason that you can find people who have had prescriptions for decades.

Furthermore, long-term use of prescription anti-anxiety medications has also been linked to a range of different health problems. Unfortunately, these medications are now being prescribed at alarmingly high rates both in the United States and abroad, which means that more and more people are opening themselves up to these risks.

Luckily, medical science is finally starting to realize that there’s a better, more natural way as studies have shown that CBDs can have a direct positive effect on areas of the brain that control and regulate emotional behaviors, including stress and anxiety.

The Science Behind CBD Oil

Cannabidiol is just one of many cannabinoid compounds that are naturally synthesized in the brain. It also just happens that these same cannabinoid compounds occur naturally in hemp, which allows scientists to extract natural CBD oil from hemp that is chemically identical to that which occurs within your body.

Certain areas of the brain are home to a number of different cannabinoid receptors, which are basically the sites that the cannabinoids bind to in order to perform their specific function. There have been numerous studies that seem to suggest that stimulating certain cannabinoid receptors helps to directly reduce anxiety and feelings of panic as well as lower the heart rate and blood pressure. In effect, stimulating the cannabinoid receptors basically counteracts the body’s fight-or-flight response to fear and anxiety.

This is why using CBD oil for anxiety has the potential to be so effective as it allows a person to supply their body with an added dose of cannabidiol and other important cannabinoid compounds. The fact that these hemp-derived CBDs are chemically identically to those produced by the body ensures that they fully bind and thus stimulate the proper receptors so as to be most effective. In addition, it also eliminates the risk of dangerous side effects or health complications since the CBD oil functions in the exact same way as the naturally occurring CBD.

There are also other studies that claim that CBD is able to increase the amount of serotonin in the brain, which is essentially how prescription anti-anxiety medications like Prozac and Zoloft work. It is thought that the CBD potentially helps brain cells to send more serotonin signals, which is important since serotonin can help to boost a person’s mood and lessen feelings of anxiety.

Furthermore, there are additional studies that have shown that CBD has the potential to help the brain’s hippocampus area to generate new neurons. Many patients suffering from anxiety, depression and other mental health disorders are shown to have a smaller hippocampus than the average individual.

This is another area where CBD may have the potential to be at least equally, if not more, effective than prescription anti-anxiety medications. There have been studies that claim that both may be able to help the hippocampus grow by stimulating the birth of additional neurons, which may in turn help to alleviate or lessen certain mental disorders.

Although more studies need to be performed in order to truly understand the potential effectiveness of CBD oil in treating anxiety, there is definitely reason to be hopeful. Plus, the fact that it is safe, all natural and non-habit forming makes it an ideal alternative to dangerous prescription anti-anxiety medications.

This article was written by Roger Dallas of the company Buy CBD Oil Online. Roger is passionate about what he does and loves working with CBD oils, hemp extracts and natural, organic supplements.

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