Challenges Faced by The BPO Sectors from Back-end Till The Outsourcing

Considering the perks of tech-savvy technology, digital transformation and automation are the keys to breaking the traditional chain of development. While entering into the electronic era of modernisation, business entrepreneurs forgot that the technological advancement alone will not be enough, you need to train your people to adjust and be compatible with the change. To leverage these changes, BPO Company took a deep step in training their agents and the associated customers with it. They, in fact, left no stone unturned to spread the knowledge of development and awareness. According to the latest development, it is high time now to minimise those traditional ways of trading and enter a world of outsourcing and beyond.

Countries like India, Philippines, Korea, Africa, from past 50 years, are still considered to be a developing country and not a developed one. Why? Because the industrial organisation like the KPO and BPO companies are still fighting the battle for technological survival. This is because the native people are not ready to step out of their comfort zone and take initiatives. But as we all know, time is the only medicine which can heal every wound. Technological advancement and digital transformation are still welcomed with open hands among people.

Here are some key challenges faced by BPO companies:

Un-cooperative customers

The customer today is standing in the midst of traditional and advanced technologies. The rising stardom of the platforms is increasing the heat of the BPO industry. Therefore, now there is no stepping back. Customers are in search of the superlative service quality and best industry materials. But the Lack of un-cooperation prevails among the common people. They are not ready to step into an agent’s shoe and understand the disturbances faced by the agents.

Challenges Faced by The BPO Sectors from Back-end Till The Outsourcing

Streamlining finance and accounting:

Scattered and fragmented business is hard to monitor and even harder to consolidate. Not considering the size of the business, big or small, business enterprises should be streamlined and flexible in nature. There is an immense need to maintain a balance between the cost price, revenue generated, and expenditure. Leading BPO companies must focus on the core areas of development while managing the external units through outsourcing. The key to maintaining a long-term partnership and effective cost structure is to streamline your complex business process, simplify it and plan it from the very beginning.

Continuous competition to prove your potential:

The plethora of choices has made it easier for customers and extremely difficult for business agencies to keep their customers intact. With increasing cut edge competition, the brand importance has somewhat sunk. These companies now need to keenly observe a customer’s behaviour and enable agents to talk and gather the required information. Also, the BPO sectors need to upgrade their outreach platform and increase their global availability with an even more skilled workforce.

Lack of resources and capital investment:

The rise of population and unemployment status has made many developing countries to suffer in terms of revenue and growth. Lack of skilled agents and resources has made countries to outsource their services to the neighbouring one. Also, the key consideration for outsourcing is the capital investment that is not optimum in many countries. Therefore, there is an urgent requirement to improvise and effectively implement the growth plan.

Stability and attrition rate:

Decreasing stability means the increase in the attrition rates of the customers and workforce as well. Fluctuation in the headcount of the workforce means loss of talented agents and thrust to streamline the cost incurred. There are numerous factors that affect the agents’ attrition rate is:

  • Low-cost wages
  • Cut edge competition
  • Uncertain timings
  • Infrastructure barriers
  • Unequipped resources and workforce, and so on.


In order to boost the revenue and drive a robust growth of the industrialisation, one must plan their strategies and business processes. It is important to streamline and simplify your processes and distribute the responsibilities into the capable hands of the agents. With time being the immune, restructuring your BPO companies can open the gates of new opportunities and new prospects.

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