Distinct Dry Classifiers Range Available At Air Classifier Manufacturers’ Outlet

The design of dry classifiers is based in the principle that performs separation by air fluidization. Air classifier manufacturers explain the air classification method as a process of separating categories of materials by way of differences in their own aerodynamic characteristics. Such characteristic is primarily a function of the size, density, and geometry of the particles. The process contains interaction of a moving stream of air, gravitational force, and material particles within a confined volume.

During operation, the drag force and the gravitational force are impacted in distinct directions on the material particles. Material particles having a large drag-to-weight ratio are released in the air stream, whereas components having a small ratio tend to settle out of the air stream. The suspended fraction is known as air classified light fraction and the settled fraction is known as air-classified heavy fraction. Air classifier is the place where the separation takes place.

Distinct Dry Classifiers Range Available At Air Classifier Manufacturers’ Outlet

Distinct Dry Classifiers Range Available at Air Classifier Manufacturer

The material density is not the mere characteristic of a particle that affects the process of air classification. Moisture also brings variation to the result and affects the density of a material particle.

Static Air Classifiers

These types of classifiers achieve accurate separations from 12 mesh size to 20. These are intended by experienced engineering team to achieve precise separations even though they contain no rotary components in the airstream. This is achieved via airflow design and use of recirculating, secondary airflow on finer separations to finish the coarse product prior discharging. User can adjust the recirculating airflow and retain the amount of undersize. This leads to fine tuning of the final products that helps in meeting desired specifications.

The static design of these classifiers brings excellent wear characteristics by using ceramic linings whose longevity is measured in years, low power consumption, and low maintenance.

Centrifugal Classifier

It uses centrifugal forces in the exact way to cyclones to induce fine particle separation. This type of classifier is able to perform separations in the range of 140 mesh size to 800 mesh size. Mineral industries, cement and fly ash applications are widely accepting this air classifier. Air classifiers manufacturers in India are intending centrifugal classifier in such a way that it attains high degree of separation accuracy and low maintenance requirements.

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