Efficient Cloud CRM That Will Bring Your Business To The Next Level

Looking for effective cloud based CRM solutions? Want to increase your business efficiency and establish seamless relationships with your customers? Need to boost your sales improving the conversion rate?

No problem! Cloud CRM software from Bpm’online will help you get more customers, turn current clients into loyal ones and boost your sales. Top-notch crm programs masterfully crafted by Bpm’online will make the whole process of building relationship with your customers easy, simple and very effective.

All the Cloud CRM Solutions you may need

Here, at one spot, you can find everything you may need to improve your business results and serve your customers as kings without bothering your head:

  • Innovative marketing software
  • Customer-oriented sales automation solutions
  • Ultimate customer service
  • First rate crm mobile solutions
  • Unlimited support

Business Process Management

Cloud CRM with BPM tools

Bpm’online offers you a process control system based on the BPMN notation. The system solves business process modeling tasks and delivers further automation and analysis solutions. With Bpm’online you can always fully customize the needed part of the process very quickly and effectively.

Customer Information Management

cloud contact management

This great solution gives you a comprehensive review of your customers. You have access to the history of your customers’ relationship with your company, your customers’ preferences and their behavior on Facebook and Twitter. The system brings together all the key information about all the contacts and counterparties, which may be of interest to you.

The mobile app contains the key information about the client, which can be accessed at any time even if you are offline.

Data Management of your Prospects

With Bpm’online sales, you can manage all the work with your potential client even before the sale process: the collection and refinement of information, processing incoming requests, delete duplicate entries, import data from a web-site, MS Excel and other sources.

Integrating CRM with the registration form on the site will be easy, fast and effortless. You will be able to create a form directly in the interface, specifying the needed fields. Once the visitor fills out a form, the data is automatically sent to the CRM-system.

Time and Interaction Management

Managing e-mail, phone calls and tasks is carried out in the same scheduler. It gives the flexibility to organize the work on key customers, partners or suppliers, arranging tasks according to their priority, due date performance and accountability. More importantly, Bpm’online allows you to integrate with Google Calendar and Microsoft Exchange.

Notification bar includes reminders about important events, meetings and corporate social network notifications. Thus, the employee receives the relevant information, without being distracted from his current tasks.

Sales Management

Bpm’online is happy to bring you all the necessary tools for working with commercial materials, taking control over the implementation of the plan, working with analytics, and sales funnel, as well as tracking the activities of your competitors.

You will always get the needed data on time (information about additional products, lending options, promotions, etc.).

The system contains the reference process of corporate sales. It enables you to automate the work of the sales department immediately after the system is integrated. The process covers all the stages of the sales funnel, from the analysis of sales potential and customer needs to negotiations and signing the contract.

Document Management

Cloud Document Management

CRM-system provides efficient tools for a quick search of documents in the system, automatic generation of documents from templates, preparing printed forms of documents, generating various versions of documents, creating cloud storage for documents.

With the help of the system you can organize a very effective teamwork on documents with flexible access rights.

Corporate Social Network

enterprise social network

Bpm’online includes the functionality of the corporate social network that helps optimize internal corporate communication and increase the involvement of employees. You can discuss the system transactions and projects, create groups to share experiences and knowledge, like posts and comment on them. The intuitive interface allows you to transfer the experience of a social dialogue in the corporate environment.

Knowledge Management

knowledge base management

Knowledge Base is an online library that can be filled with all the users of CRM-system. The database stores the answers to frequently asked questions, presentations, instructions for new employees and any material that may be useful.

Each user can mark the useful material, leave comments and make suggestions. According to the number of marks and comments you can easily find the most popular presentations and the most qualified answers.

Marketing Management

The system brings you great opportunities for marketing management. It enables you to segment your audience, plan your budget, monitor feedbacks and calculate the return on investments.

Moreover, Bpm’online offers tools for email-campaigns using different criteria. You can divide customers into small segments created for each unique distribution pattern and automatically send your messages.


Cloud CRM Analytics

The system includes a pre-configured charts and reports the results of panels that allow you to analyze the company’s performance in real time. Tools and settings allow you to add reports and change the outcome of the panel without programming.


This solution allows you to manage user accounts and access rights adjusted on the basis of the organizational structure of the company. Additionally, you can define the rules of logging to control the data changes.

The application contains a wizard and editor of reference books, objects, pages and processes. These tools allow you to change the structure of the data interface and business logic without programming. With Partition Wizard, you can easily create your own sections, and the system will implement it step by step.

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