Family Law Divorce: Top Warning Signs You Need To Ditch Your Current Divorce Lawyer

Going through the local yellow pages or surfing the internet, you will see that lawyers are equipped with many types of specialization and there is no shortage of divorce lawyers out there. Whether you are far away from a divorce process or already stepped in it, you likely already know that a good divorce lawyer is an important part of the process. Finding a divorce lawyer in Miami is quite easy, but finding the right one is the trick. It may depress you, but not every lawyer is an ideal one, and there are divorce lawyers who are more interested in earning money than being more interested in your divorce case, helping you getting legally separate from your partner.

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Finding an ideal divorce lawyer is the key to handle your divorce case, and so is knowing when you ditch your divorce lawyer. The bottom line is that sometimes you need to ditch your divorce lawyer before divorcing from your partner. Below outlined are top warning signs you need to divorce from your divorce lawyer and find a new one.


Does your divorce lawyer takes days or sometimes even weeks to respond via phone or email?  Do you have the strong relationship with your lawyer’s voicemail than her or him? Every lawyer has an ethical responsibility to communicate with the clients. Poor or no communication can be annoying and it’s a bad sign if your lawyer constantly fails to respond your calls or emails within a reasonable time. An ideal divorce lawyer will always be responsive to his/her clients. In case you feel that your current lawyer is more of a ghost or busy personality, consider ditching him or her.


A lawyer has to or must follow the specific rules of jurisdiction. If your current divorce lawyer fails to understand local procedures or laws, chances are your divorce case may end up taking a considerable much longer time than actually ,it should. Even worse your case could be dismissed if your .lawyer fail to meet the necessary requirements.


Every divorce situations are different from each other, and your priorities such as maintaining child custody or not keeping the assets might be different from the ones that his or her former clients had. This is why, it so crucial to have a lawyer who asks you about priorities and other questions, in order to represent you in the court. If your divorce lawyer doesn’t, it’s time to drop him or her.


If you are experiencing sky-high legal bills that means your lawyer over bills, and it may be the right time for new divorce  lawyer. Consider reviewing your divorce lawyer’s bills carefully to be sure. You should fire him or her if you are being overbilled.

A divorce is too imperative to trust a wrong lawyer, so if you find any of the above-given signs, consider searching a new one for representation.

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