Freshen Up Your Home In 2019

If you are hoping to kick off 2019 as well as you possibly can, making changes to your home may well be the way to go.

Many people like to make changes to their home at the start of the year as a sort of fresh start; new year, new home. However, budgets are tight in January particularly, so it might be difficult to make the changes that you are going to be looking to make this year.

Fortunately, there are some ways that you can make changes to your home that aren’t going to cost you the fortune that you might think they will.


Sometimes, you really want to freshen up a room in your home, but you might think that it will cost too much to really change how a room looks. However, making changes to your home might actually be easier and cheaper than you are worrying it will be, with something such as paint.

The colour of your walls is often such an integral part of a room. Although that might sound daft, it is actually so easy to change how a room looks, making it feel brand new, by painting the walls, especially when you go for a different colour to the one that your walls currently are.

Add some art to your walls

As we mentioned slightly in the last point, simply adding something small to your room can often make such a big difference, such as adding a new piece of artwork, such as a new canvas, to one of your walls.

Although adding artwork to one of your walls might seem like a slightly expensive change to make, even a cheap canvas for example can make a big difference to how you feel about your room. A cheap modification that can make a massive difference, investing in a nice canvas or two for your living room might be just what you need to feel like you have made a significant change to your home.

Cladding for your Bathroom

If you are sick of your bathroom and it could definitely do with freshening up, consider making a big change: install hygienic cladding! Although completely removing what is currently on the walls in your bathroom and replacing it with cladding might seem like an awful lot of effort and costly, it is neither arguably.

Installing cladding is relatively easy, and hygienic cladding is also pretty cheap. Essentially, although installing hygienic cladding in your bathroom might seem like a pretty major change to make, it really isn’t when you consider how cost-effective and easy to fit cladding actually is.

New Kitchen crockery

Occasionally, the smallest of changes can really help to make your home feel fresher than it has for some period of time. Even buying something such as new kitchen crockery can really help you to feel as though you have freshened up your property in 2019.

If you eat at home every evening, chances are you will be using the same crockery all of the time. This really is not such a big deal, but new kitchen crockery can really make such a huge difference to your happiness when you want to make just one little change to your property.

This article was written by Jack Mitchell with helpful information from Cladding Depot. Jack is a Yorkshire lad who enjoys reading, film and the great outdoors.

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