Stain Removal Tips For Your Carpet

Carpets add a wonderful ambiance to our home, giving a plush feel to our floors, and generally making it a more pleasant place to be.  The only issue with carpets is, being made of fabric, they have a tendency to collect stains, stains that can be difficult to get out.  Without a fair amount of care taken carpets can quickly become unattractive and splotchy, so how do you protect your investment?  We have a set of methods for handling the most common stains, preserving your carpet and the value of your home. 

Stain Removal Tips For Your Carpet

Fruit Drinks And Cordial Stains

These can be some of the most difficult stains to pull up out of your carpet, and will easily stain them forever if you don’t handle them properly.  The first step is going to be blotting it carefully to pull as much of the liquid up from the carpet as possible without further grinding it in.  Do NOT rub, just blot.  Mix white vinegar, dish soap, and water together and use these mixtures to saturate the stain before, once again, blotting the area dry.  Continue until the stain is removed from your carpet.

Stains From Pets

Animals are wonderful companions and can play a huge role in making a house a home.  Unfortunately, they also drag dirt into the home and if you forget to let them out can stain the carpet with soil.  To start with be sure, once again, to blot the carpet.  Do not rub it in for the same reason you don’t fruit juice or cordial stains.  If the stain is dry, apply moisture and let it soak in, then apply white vinegar mixed into warm water to help blot it up and kill odor.

That Morning Cup Of Coffee

Coffee is delicious, and can get you up and going in the morning. It also has incredibly staining qualities and can create a mess that’s nearly impossible to get out of your carpet.  Once again, vinegar and water is an excellent blend to get this drink out of your carpet, and only blot! No rubbing! (We hope you’ve gotten the point by now).  Keep blotting your carpet and spraying it down until you’ve lifted out the stain.  You can also use a mix of half and half bleach and water, but spot test your carpet to make sure it won’t hurt it first.

Blood Stains And Carpets

Once you’ve recovered from whatever trauma it was that led to you bleeding on your carpet, your next concern is going to be getting that stain out.  Protein stains, like blood, can be particularly tricky to get out, but one of the best tools in your arsenal is an oxygen based cleanser like OxiClean.  This cleansing is going to take time and patience, as blood is particularly pernicious, but regular soakings in cold water, application of OxiClean, and blotting should get it out.

These steps will help you deal with most types of stains you’ll get in your carpet, and being quick to respond to them will ensure that your carpet remains beautiful for years to come. However, if your carpet has already accumulated stains over the years, it’s best that you leave the cleaning to the professionals. Visit if you need to reach out to an expert carpet cleaner.

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