Going Off-roading? Don’t Forget To Stock Up On These Few Things!

Chasing adventure is something a number of people like doing. It is a pastime for some, for others, it’s much more of a passion which lies close to their heart. Adventure can either be something you try once for an adrenaline rush or it can be something you want to do again and again, to get better at it. But, of course, the ways in which we seek adventure will be different and subjective to each individual.

Off-road driving and dirt track racing, etc. are some of the most mean and intense ways of seeking that adrenaline rush. There are a number of ATV or off road vehicles which have been launched in India, as a result of the surge in the interest in this sport. While it can be seen as an intense sport, we can also look at it in terms of a need.

Going Off-roading? Don’t Forget To Stock Up On These Few Things!

The need here can be explained in quite simple terms. The concept here is that there are some tough terrains in India which can only be tackled with an off road vehicle or the best off road bikes in India, even for daily travels. Now, once you get such a car or bike, what should you keep in mind next? For that journey on the high, hilly terrains, remember to have keep these in mind:

Tow Points- Of course, this applies more to cars than bikes. Your ATV or off road vehicle in India may need to be towed when either it breaks down due to the tough weather conditions or just happens to be caught up in deep mud pits etc.

For this purpose, it is always important to understand that even if you do not have to follow the manual method of pulling it out and you do find a towing vehicle, your off-road rig can only be pulled out if it has two strong tow points.

These points can be distributed evenly, one in the front and one in the back at least.

Tires- Terrain-friendly tires are a must if you plan to go off-road riding. Not only are they sturdier but they also perform better when exposed to harsh terrains such as rocks, snow, mud etc. They can also be used on makeshift roads which you may be faced with at a higher altitude.

While if you are planning to cruise on mud, all terrains are not a must, an all-terrain tire which has wider walls will serve you better.

Protection- Another thing which you may need for an off-road vehicle is extra rocker protection. The shock absorbents, while efficient, may not be able to deflect stray branches etc. This is where extra rocker protection should be considered a good investment.

Spare tires and a recovery strap- You should keep in mind that a flat tire is no rare occurrence with an off-road vehicle in India. Always have an extra, full-size spare tire.

Again, if you have tow points, there is no point of them if your vehicle isn’t equipped with a recovery strap. Keep a sturdy strap in handy.

If all this is what it took to excite you for an off-road trip, go ahead and buy some of the best off road bikes in India and even better off-road vehicles from manufacturers such as Polaris India.

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