How To Handle Basement Junk Clearance In Just One Weekend

Before you get started with the long and difficult basement clearance, you should know why it is so important. There are many reasons for that, but high at the top of the list is the reason that maybe keeps you puzzled about where to start from. There are countless useless objects and chaotically spread items that you keep hoarding for months, just in case or because you don’t know what to do with the scrap objects. The basement or the cellar, or the garage, or maybe the loft, are filled with stuff and you definitely need to do some basement junk clearance. Here is how to do it in just one weekend:

How To Handle Basement Junk Clearance In Just One Weekend


Start with a quick planning of the junk removal tasks. You should spread tasks among all the family members so that everyone can help with this important task. The strongest family members can deal with the heaviest and biggest objects, while the kids can sort the items in their rooms in the meantime, which on the other hand gives you more freedom and a quieter ambiance for the basement clearance. The organisation also includes the choice of the most appropriate place where you will temporarily store the rubbish. It can be a small area in the garden or near the fence, or just outside the house. Or else, organise skip hire in advance, if you really have a huge basement filled with rubbish. Organise two, three or more separate places for the different types of junk materials if you plan to recycle most of the useless objects. In this case, check out the location of the nearest recycling centre to your house and organise a pick-up service of the rubbish materials for recycling.

Be Flexible

Even if the two-day weekend is well organised keep in mind that not always everything goes as planned. Keep to the schedule and continue with a through sorting and de-cluttering of all the objects in the basement. Ensure proper lighting and supply your helpers with protective gloves. Sort the scrap metal objects from the wood waste and the plastic junk. Put the household rubbish aside and leave the big heavy items for special rubbish disposal. Another great tip is to set aside the objects that are in a good-looking condition and yet useless. They can be donated or sold later.

What will you do with the Waste?

Decide what to do with the junk and scrap objects after the basement / garage clearance. It should be much easier when you see them separately stored in the garden or somewhere outside the narrow basement. There are a few common options to think of before throwing the junk away. You can donate to charity or friends, or you can sell them on one of the biggest online selling platforms, or call a clearance company. You can try to repair and re-use some objects, or turn a couple of broken objects into a masterpiece as your next DIY project. Another great idea is to check out the antique stores for donating more valuable items.

Throw out the things you won’t use

Get rid of the rest of the junk objects. Call the house clearance professionals in your region and discuss the details. They can assess your waste and propose the best solutions, which may even include buying the junk.

Prevention is the Best Cure

After the long and overwhelming weekend, you definitely need to prevent piling more useless objects in the garage or in the basement. The easiest way to do so is to keep everything well organised and labelled. Clean regularly and don’t postpone waste disposal tasks for just once a year.

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