How To Maintain Your Rugs and Carpets?

There’s something about Oriental rugs that are just absolutely elegant, they add a certain level of sophistication and panache to a home.  The intricate patterns have been produced for centuries, and the best Oriental rugs are still handmade using ancient techniques.  Unfortunately, with such sophistication comes complications with maintaining such an important piece of your décor.  We’re going to provide a few tips on how to manage your rugs so they can be handed down for generations to come.

How To Maintain Your Rugs and Carpets?

Keep Them Rotating

There’s varying opinions on how often you should rotate your rugs, especially if they’re in a high traffic area.  By rotating your rug you make sure that the wear it gets is more even, keeping a uniform look to it that will maintain it’s looks and value.  We suggest rotating them once every month or two.

Use In Shaded Areas

Sunlight can leech the dye out of your rugs, fading the patterns and generally giving an old and worn look to rugs that could potentially last for hundreds of years.  If at all possible keep your rugs out of direct sunlight, and if that’s impossible rotate it regularly.

Give Them A Flip

Fringe ends are a traditional and lovely part of Oriental rugs, however, these can become twisted up and tangled.  Some people make the mistake of combing them out, a practice that can cause damage to the fibers and the rug.  The best way to handle these is mere to flip your rug over, the walking action coming from the opposite direction will help untangle them.  You can also give the rug a gentle shake to aid with this.

Get That Spot Clean

Oriental rugs are particularly prone to staining if they aren’t cleaned immediately.  Use a dry cloth to dab the stain to aid soaking it up.  If you must wet the stain use water only, do not use any kind of cleansing chemical for the job.  Generally, it’s just safest to call a professional when dealing with stained rugs.

Keep It Padded

One thing that often goes unconsidered with rugs is how much a little padding can help.  Unlike modern synthetic rugs Oriental rugs are backed only by the natural fibers, there is no padding intrinsically part of the rug.  Getting a pad to go under your rug will help reduce wear and tear, keep the shape of the rug intact, and stop wrinkles from occurring.  This serves multiple functions, from keeping the rug safer to walk on to providing a more luxurious feel for bare feet on padded rugs.

These are just a few of the ways you can care for your Oriental Rug to ensure that it lasts for generations.  These same practices can be applied to any rug or carpet in your home to help it last and continue to provide a warm and welcoming experience in your home.  In the event that major staining or water damage happens to your rugs, be sure to click here to call in the professionals for aid.

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