Improving Your Air Conditioner Without Replacing It

If you live in an area with a hot and humid climate like Florida, chances are you depend on your air conditioner for survival, especially during the summer. Unfortunately, many homeowners spends hundreds of dollars on their energy bill due to their air conditioner. Whether you’re simply not pleased with your air conditioner’s performance or you want to save money, here are a few tips that will help you improve your air conditioner without replacing it.

1. Change the Filter

One thing that you can do to improve your air conditioner’s performance immediately is change the filter. Take a look at the manufacturer’s manual that came with the air conditioning unit and follow the instructions to change the filter. Changing the filter will keep your air conditioner clean and working well.

If you don’t change your filter regularly, excess grime and dirt will build up and slow the air conditioning unit and reduce airflow. The harder the air conditioner has to work to cool down your home, the shorter the lifespan of the unit will be. In general, you should change your AC unit’s filter every 30 days of use.

Improving Your Air Conditioner Without Replacing It

2. Take Advantage of the Shade

You should take advantage of the shade to improve your air conditioner’s performance and save energy. Use trees and bushes to provide shade to the AC unit’s outdoor heat pump. However, it is important that nothing is restricting the airflow of the AC unit. If the airflow is restricted, the AC unit will need to work harder than usual. You should keep all bushes and barriers at least two feet away from the unit. You should get a barrier for your air conditioner if you have a dog. The urine of a dog is very acidic and will damage your air conditioner.

3. Keep Your Registers and Vents Open

Many homeowners attempt to hide the vents in their home. However, if the vents aren’t open and cleared, your air conditioner will need to work much higher. This will lead to higher energy bills. Also, don’t believe the myth that closing vents in rarely used rooms will save you money. The only thing this “tip” will do is cause your air conditioner to underperform.

The HVAC system and ductwork was designed specifically for your house. No matter how many vents you have open or closed, the same amount of cold air will enter your home through the air ducts. Closing some vents will force the other vents to work even harder. You should keep all curtains, furniture, and other items away from your house’s vents to boost efficiency.

4. Clean the Condenser

The final way that you can improve the air conditioner without replacing it is by cleaning the condenser. Over time, lawn clippings, dirt, twigs, and other debris will get stuck in the condenser of your air conditioner. You should clean your air conditioner’s condenser at least twice every year. Be sure to use the breaker/fuse box to turn off the unit before cleaning the condenser.

If you’re like most people, chances are you simply can’t afford to replace your air conditioner due to lackluster performance. Fortunately, there are many things that you can do to improve performance immediately. As long as you follow the tips discussed above, you should see a marked improvement in terms of your air conditioner’s performance.

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