Le-Vel Makes Strides In The Wellness Product Market With Premium Lifestyle Mix

The nutritional products marketplace has always been a crowded arena, but if you take a closer look, you will find a lot of variation amongst them in terms of the quality and integrity of ingredients, as well as the benefits that they deliver. However, when seeking out the top competitors based upon standards of quality and integrity, you will find one product line that clearly stands above the competition. The THRIVE signature product line was created by the cloud-based direct selling company Le-Vel, and, in only four years of operation, is proud to be able to boast over 2.5 million customer accounts that have been activated. In the process, Le-Vel has also helped millions of people start to realize happier and healthier lives as a result of using the THRIVE core product line, along with their growing number of supplemental THRIVE products that assist their customers and Brand Promoters in achieving specific health and wellness goals.

Le-Vel Makes Strides In The Wellness Product Market With Premium Lifestyle Mix

Launched by Co-Founders, Co-Owners and Co-CEOs Jason Camper and Paul Gravette in 2012, Le-Vel has quickly gained incredible traction in the direct selling and nutritional product industries with their foundational THRIVE product line, which is comprised of Premium Lifestyle Capsules, Premium Lifestyle Derma Fusion Technology, or DFT, and Premium Lifestyle Mix. The Le-Vel Brands Reviews stand a good testimony to the company’s popularity. Combined as a daily formula for focusing on improving cognition, calming aches and discomforts, and gaining a new perspective and approach to weight management, thousands of customers are raving over their THRIVE experience. It has now become the ideal introduction to the power and effectiveness of the THRIVE foundational product line.

THRIVE Premium Lifestyle Mix offers a gluten-free, ultra-micronized shake drink, and features ingredients that support lean muscle, overall fitness, and weight management. Based on a nutrient-dense formula, this power-packed shake features an antioxidant and extract blend, along with a probiotic and enzyme blend.

The Premium Lifestyle Mix was formulated to work synergistically with the Premium Lifestyle Capsules and DFT. When consumed as recommended in the morning, THRIVE delivers optimal benefits throughout the day. The 8-week THRIVE Experience is a carefully developed premium lifestyle plan that aids users in experiencing a noticeable difference in their levels of mental and physical well-being. Consumers throughout the United States and abroad are now enthusiastically sharing their THRIVE Experience results via social media, resulting in incredible hyper growth for this not yet four-year-old company.

Le-Vel’s supplemental product line, designed for anyone who is ready to boost their THRIVE results to the next level of performance and thriving, include Activate, Boost, Balance, Move, Rest and Form. Activate is a core nutrition stimulation which has been formulated to activate your core; this gives your body the premium nutrition it is seeking, while also supporting clean healthy energy, mental clarity, and performance. Boost is the only nutraceutical beverage of its kind and is designed to alkalize and energize your system with each serving, thus enhancing energy levels and providing cleansing, immune system support, weight management, and pH level support. Balance was formulated to aid digestive, immune, and intestinal function support, improve nutrient absorption, and help you achieve weight management goals. Balance helps reduce toxins and increase the body’s naturally generated energy. Both Move and Rest utilize their Sequential Gel Technology. Move supports healthy joint function, while Rest provides a calming and restful effect. Form is a collagen protein gel with hydrolyzed collagen designed to help with weight management and post-exercise recovery and repair. Form also helps to support lean muscle mass and strong bones and joints.

Making a difference in the lives of customers who use their products is one part of the work that makes Le-Vel stand out from the crowd, which is well ascertained in the Le-vel Brands Reviews. The other aspect of the Le-Vel business model that is energizing the company and generating millions in sales is through the thousands of independent Brand Promoters who are drawn to Le-Vel’s culture of recognition, rewards, and effective products that deliver the results consumers are seeking. The company’s rewards program for Brand Promoters allows its independent sales force to enjoy highly competitive financial rewards by sharing a product that sells itself through its reputation and efficacy. Le-Vel remains committed to developing superior, effective products with the highest-quality ingredients, all the while helping millions of people around the globe achieve entirely new levels of well-being and vitality.

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