List Of Air Conditioners Which Consume The Least or Less Electricity

One cannot live without an air conditioner in the scorching heat of approaching summers. The global temperature is increasing with every passing year, as a reaction of global warning. And due to this temperature change, the world is trying to implement the idea of sustainable development in all forms of technology. Companies around the world are making amends to save the environment by transforming technology in a more nature friendly way. Not only does this help save environment and resources but also helps save your money.

List Of Air Conditioners Which Consume The Least or Less Electricity

Air conditioners are a necessity in today’s world. Thinking about living without an AC in India sounds like a nightmare. Low power consuming Air Conditioner Price in India is relatively higher than other AC’s because of the stars. Higher the stars, more efficient will be the product at saving energy. Here is a list of some air conditioners that will give you efficiency with effectiveness. Save electricity and your money by spending some extra thousands today, on a device that can be your contribution to saving the environment a bit.

Hitachi RAU512CWEA

One of most renowned electronic manufacturing company in India, Hitachi has built its own space in market of air conditioners. This model of the product is effective and efficient. Hitachi Air Conditioner Price in India is price at Rs. 57,000. The product has ISEER rating of 5.75 Stars, and it is of 1 ton. The annual electricity consumption of the product is for 492 units for 1600 hours.

Godrej GSC 12 GIG 5 DGOG

This Silver split AC has an ISEER rating of 5.20, which assures you that you will be saving on those extra watts, as it promises an annual electricity consumption of 512 units for 1600 hours. This Air Conditioner Price in India is set at just Rs. 46,990 and is available on The 1 ton inverter split AC comes with features like anti bacteria and dust filter, auto restart, sleep mode, rotary compressor. The product has cooling capacity of 3440 Watts with a power usage of 830 Watts.

Hitachi RAU512AWEA

This Hitachi split air conditioner is of 1 ton, and has an impressive cooling capacity, along with ISEER rating of 4.86 stars. The AC has an annual electricity consumption of 560 units per 1600 hours. This Air Conditioner Price in India is set at Rs. 43499. The product also comes with features like rotary compressor, timer, auto restart, sleep mode, fan mode, inverter and remote control. The device contributes to a silent experience because of its tropical inverter technology. The company has also added a eco green refrigerant to help contributing little efforts to save the planet.


Like its motto, the company works on making its customer’s ‘Life Good’. The smart inventor’s 1 ton Split AC that comes with cooling capacity of 376 watt. This LG Air Conditioner Price in India is estimated to be around Rs. 41,699. The product has ISEER rating of 4.74 stars with an annual electricity consumption of 584 units for 1600 hours. The product uses Plasmater Lonizer which works as a filter against bacteria present in the air. The product also has features like active energy control that helps in saving the energy, multi protection filter, monsoon comfort for humidity, 4 way swing, timer, auto operation and auto clean.

Daikin FTKM35

This wall mounted split air conditioner weighs 1 ton, and has a cooling capacity of 3500 W. This product has an ISEER rating of 4.70 stars and this Air Conditioner Price in India, is set as Rs 41,900. It has an annual electricity consumption of 577 units per 1600 hours. Some of its features include timer, auto swing, dust filter, econo mode, conada airflow mode, power saving and an air purifying filters which uses titanium apatite photo catalytic technology.

Mitsubishi Electric MSY-GE13VA  

One of Asia’s biggest electronic companies brings a 1 ton air condition with the cooling capacity of more than 3000 Watts. This Air Conditioner Price in India starts at just Rs. 46150, which is available at several online shopping portals in the country. The product includes features like Catechin technology that helps clear the air, remote control, auto swing, timer, dust filter, long mode that pushes the cool air to the farthest distance and silent working. The product promises to cool your summers without stressing your electricity bill.

The ACs listed above serves to deliver you with effective cooling with an efficient energy saving deal. Hitachi RAU512CWEA holds the highest ISEER rating, which obviously guarantees maximum savings, although it is also the most expensive choice in the list. LG BSA12PMZD, being a relatively cheaper choice with a energy saving rating of 4 stars, offers you with health sanitary features, giving you bacterial and fungus protection taking care of your health as well as your bill.

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