Living the Luxurious Life

In this stressed and scary age, finding a little luxury could be the difference between burning out and living to fight another day. And whatever side of the political divide you fall, left or right, rich or poor, the only thing some people have in common at the moment is their agreement that there are indeed fights to fought. Creating a corner of your life that’s exempt from the battle, and lining it with a little luxury is the key to maintaining your equilibrium in these troubled times.

Living the Luxurious Life

Today we’re taking a look at ways to live a luxurious life in whole, or only in the vital parts that let you recharge and return to the rest of this difficult world refreshed and ready to go.

One Room

One way you can create a vital pocket of luxury in your life, if a pocket is all you can create with your available resources, is to focus on a single room in your house, and make it something you can retreat to, to shut out the world and recharge.

The right room depends on your personal situation and your needs. If you’re living in a rented home, your bedroom is the only place you can focus on, and even then you can’t make dramatic changes. Repainting is a major choice you would have to clear with your landlord, and even then you’d need to be prepared to return it to it’s original look when the time comes to leave.

If you own your home you have a blanker canvas with which to work. You can decide which room is the one you can lavish your attention and budget on, which one is the most important to you. If you’re a film buff you’ll want to transform your living room, lounge or even a spare room into a luxurious home cinema. If the way you relax is a soak in a bath this would be a waste of effort and of money – you’d be better served by transforming your bathroom into a place of luxury and relaxation, with Edwardian style fixtures and fittings, soft towels and a heated robe waiting for you after your soak in the tub. Find out more about how to achieve that.

The most important thing about living the luxurious life is being honest with yourself about what you truly value and giving that the special treatment –if you’re more concerned with liking the ‘right thing’ more than being honest, you’ll waste money on something you’ll never, ultimately, enjoy.

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