Maintain Your Granite Kitchen Countertops Well

Maintain Your Granite Kitchen Countertops WellAre you trying to go for a kitchen makeover? And end up choosing granite kitchen countertops as you have fallen in love with the versatility of it already? Installing an expensive countertop is not all, you have to maintain the countertop with proper care. A properly sealed surface helps to avoid damage. Sealing is the way to keep the granite worktops away for strains. You must think or avoid sealing the countertop when you buy it. However it is necessary to do it in the beginning and keep changing it often. Though, the period of changing depends on how much you use the countertops.

Facts to consider when to Seal Granite

Granite is a natural product and absorbency is one of its characteristics. There are few granites like Kashmir granite that absorb quickly and is should not be installed in kitchen. However, many granites are naturally stain-proof. Their density does not ask for sealing ever. Most of granites serve average consistency about absorbance. It will need re-sealing every 3 to 5 years. Applying a sealer “just to be safe” is asking for trouble. When a sealer can’t absorb properly, it may leave a haze on the surface that is difficult to remove in most cases. Your slab may have been “resined” to seal a stone.

It is easy to determine if the granite countertop seeks sealing. To check if it has started absorbing of not, dab some water or mineral oil on the countertops and see if the area turns darker. If it does, then the surface is absorbing the liquid. But, if you can wipe up the liquid and see no colour change in the surface, understand that your granite countertop does not need sealing.

The quality of the granite determines the frequency of re-sealing and the porosity of the stone, the quality of the previous sealer and its application. The water test will show you if the countertop needs sealing or not. The average granite kitchen countertops need re-sealing every 3 years or so. To seal the granite effectively, 2 or 3 coats need to be apply at the first time. Perform the water test after every coat to determine when the sealing is effectively done. However, latest chemical technology is now developing permanent sealer, and you will be free from re-sealing.

How to Apply Sealers

First wash the countertop with warm water and a mild dishwashing liquid to clear it and dry it completely. Then apply the sealer. For three to five seconds it should have a mirror-like wet look. After that, let the product to penetrate the granite for 10 minutes. Porous surfaces may require another application. Then take a dry cloth or paper towel and polish the countertop in a circular motion with to remove excess product. Give the surface to dry. Leave the countertop for a minimum of six hours. After that, clean the surface with water or a mild soap to wash away the remaining residue.

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