Maintaining A Healthy Built Environment Via Thorough Carpet Cleaning

It makes sense to go by the book as provided by professionals when doing carpet cleaning, whether you are bringing in cleaning experts or doing it yourself. A well cleaned carpet adds pulchritude to the appearance of a home. By properly cleaning your carpet, you harness it to add value to a built environment in order to impact positively on occupant’s health and general wellness. Occupants here refer to you and your family. Through exhaustive cleaning, you get stuffs like smuts, stains, allergens, oxidizing agents, fungi, bacteria and dirt piles which contaminate a built environment in it totality over with.

Maintaining A Healthy Built Environment Via Thorough Carpet Cleaning

In consideration of the foregoing, extensive cleaning holds water and it is not an option if you want to to maintain a green living atmosphere. In light of that are a handful of approaches you could employ for the cause and here are some of them:

The do it yourself approaches

Powder cleaning: this technique uses powdery substances such as baking soda which you have to apply onto the carpet by via spraying. Having sprayed the powder on the surface to be cleaned, you have to wait for a couple of minutes or hours, say 30 minutes to two hours. For efficiency, can do the powder application before going to bed against the next morning during which you perform the last step of the commercial carpet cleaning process– vacuuming and then you are done.

Shampoo cleaning: This technique is quite popular among home owners. Carpet cleaning shampoo comes in several types and on the label of each brand are guides viz-a-viz how it is applied. For safety and efficiency, follow the guides. To perform shampoo cleaning, mix the shamppo in water according to the ratio specified on the label. clean the carpet surface and apply enough of the liquid solution onto its surface. As much as you have to apply enough liquid to cover the carpet surface, you don’t have to let the carpet get too wet otherwise it would take long for the carpet to dry. Next, with a hard bristle brush, scrub the carpet. Leave it to dry and finally, vacuum the shampoo.

An addendum to the DIY Cleaning Procedures

The idea of performing your carpet cleaning yourself saves you a few bucks on engaging cleaning experts. It is also ideal for an urgent. Say you’re expecting a visitor and has to clean your carpet beforehand. For such an urgent need, DIY cleaning comes in handy. The afore listed approaches are less expensive compared to professional cleaning.

On the other hand, you can’t afford to leave residues under the fiber of your carpet for the fact that it would result in bacteria and fungi. The biggest challenge of all DIY procedures is that that are only effective for carpet surface cleaning. For serious piles, you will be wasting your time doing it yourself. The ability of the approaches are limited, especially when it come to removing smuts from the fiber. For that, much more advanced procedures which are quite efficient for the cause are used. This is the part where professional cleaners are engaged. Among all other things, hot water extraction is the most efficient for any cause. For more details on HWE cleaning refer to

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