What is C.E Marking?

The CE-marking is a legal compulsion that conforms to devices compliance with EU legislation and thus, implicates that they meet EU safety, health, and environmental protection requirements. French for European Conformity, CE Marking are a set of regulation designed to ensure safety of EU members against devices that could be detrimental to public safety.

Importance of CE Marking?

CE Marked products and devices flow quickly through government regulations and get permitted for selling much more easily than a non-certified item. Having a CE Marked product/ device gives the manufacturer the freedom to sell it across all the European countries without any additional certification or legal formality, eliminating the several nation specific regulations.

How is CE Marking misunderstood?

Have CE Marked components, don’t need CE Marking on the end product:

Your product will not be deemed CE Marked until and unless aside from the parts, the finished product also complies with the legal requirements for safety and environmental standards.

If not asked, you don’t have to comply:

Just like no one tells you to get a vehicle license, likewise getting a CE Marking is a necessity. Failing to do so could result in the owner being subjected to massive fine, shutting down the business until the CE Marking is achieved.

If the products are  getting designed and manufactured elsewhere, CE Marking is their responsibility:

Law on CE Marking defines the producer as someone who is responsible for designing and production of the device with the purpose of bringing it to the European market under their name. Hence it is the responsibility of the producer to make sure that the device/products conform to the CE rules.

It determines product quality:

CE markings define safety and health standard of a product.

It is not mandatory:

Manufacturers either themselves or by third-party consultants need to make sure that the products comply with the requirement laid down for safety and environmental standards. Every legitimate business person should be of the cognizance that meeting CE Marking criteria is an essential legal requirement, and one cannot sell medical devices or any such product either by ignoring it or fulfilling only some sets of conditions.

CE Marking can be done in-house:

One mustn’t mistake CE marking to be an easy feat. To comply with the legal requirements for safety and environmental guidelines, one requires guidance by legal experts. Yes, initial errors and failures can be corrected, but without adequate knowledge, you might make some other mistake or repeat the same mistake.The time you will spend in rectifying the errors, might depreciate the value of your products in the market.

There are more such misconceptions that medical device manufacturers believe which ultimately affects how they apply CE Marking. CE Marking for medical devices and the associated protocol is a complex subject that would be handled adeqautely by adept legal professionals. You can get an online legal consultation from international lawyers who will provide you with company-oriented lawyering, without burdening you with any unexpected billing trick.

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