Motor-powered or Sail Catamaran Boats: Which One To Choose

You want to sail the open waters on an extraordinary vessel called a Catamaran. There is a Sail Catamaran or Motor Powered Catamaran that fits your lifestyle. You will have adventures and spectacular memories for a lifetime. Catamarans are testaments of the architect’s’ design for home-away-from-home living. While you are shopping, take a look at the motor boats for sale while you tour the Catamarans.

The dual hull vessel is balanced so you won’t have to worry about it tipping over. The catamarans yacht is striking and luxurious. The cabins, decks, and lounges are spacious. You and your guests can lay on the deck and relax and enjoy the warm winds of the oceans or seas. Most docking areas charge less money for a slip for your vessel.

Motor-powered or Sail Catamaran Boats: Which One To Choose

What Type of Catamaran do You Have in Mind?

* What type do you want to rent?

* Are you going to take short or long trips?

* Do you want to live on the Catamaran during the long trips?

* How many people will be sailing with you as guests?

* Do you want a large, medium or small?

* What about fuel efficiency?

* How many hands will you need to operate the vessel?

The Power Catamaran

The two engines on a power catamaran have four cylinders and use Diesel fuel. The larger the Catamaran the bigger the engines. The vessel can instantly become a power catamaran when you switch to the engines. Try the cruising and maximum speeds and enjoy how quick and smoothly the speed changes.

* They have a low clearance to go under bridges. If your planned route has structures with height restrictions then a monohull power boat would be the better choice.

* The catamaran has a better speed and range than a monohull powerboat.

* The power cat has the dual hull that allows for fuel efficiency.

* The platform of the catamaran offers a stable and smooth ride.

The Beauty of the Sail Catamaran

The Catamaran Yachts have sails that use the power of the wind. You can watch the beauty of the sun setting or rising and the multi-hued horizon with the blue waters as a backdrop when you relax on the deck of the vessel. Lower the sails so you can feel the power of the engines as your catamaran yacht slice’s through the blue waters.

* Sailing Catamarans are marvelous for long-distance voyages.

* This type of vessel has an impressive speed of 10 to 20 knots when you use the sails.

* The vessels are quiet and conversations can be heard and your sleep uninterrupted.

* Some sailing vessels cost less per cubic square feet.

There is another type of vessel that will give you as much pleasure as a catamaran yacht. Check out the motor boats for sale. There are a variety of motorboats to choose from and let your personal preference be your guide. Make sure you choose the right boat for the activities you have in mind.

Take the plunge and test drive the motorboat before you make the purchase.

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