Skin Discoloration 101: Everything You Need To Know

For most people, achieving a bright and clear skin is one of the key milestones on the journey to healthy skin. But many factors that collide in your course to attain healthy skin. When your skin looks smooth, and the complexion is even and bright, skin appears fresh and healthy. However, sometimes people experience skin discoloration which can frustrate anyone. But don’t worry, the medical advancement that we have in this era, have the solution to this problem. With skin discoloration treatment you can bid goodbye to the skin trouble you are facing.

How does it happen?

Our skin contains melanin, which is the pigment that gives the skin its natural color. More melanin is directly proportional to darker skin, while lesser of it results in lighter tone skin. It holds the responsibility for hail and eye color. The patches of discolored skin are noticeable because they are different from an individual’s natural skin tone. They may be lighter, darker or possibly of a different color at together; such as red, gray, or blue.

A fluctuation in melanin production results in the form of skin discoloration. This could mean that the cell which produces melanin, are clustered in certain areas, or that there is too much or too little melanin being produced. Something there is a total absence of melanin at all.

It is essential to know which type of skin discoloration you are dealing with and why is the first step towards getting a proper skin discoloration treatment that you require.

To help to attain such knowledge, we now come to our second important question:

What are the different types of skin discolorations?


We have no control over this type of skin discoloration. It is typically present when we were born and appear on the skin as marks of varying sizes and color. They are entirely normal, and there is no need to get scared of them. However, there are certain cases where these birthmarks appear on the face causing skin discoloration. For this, you can remedy it by a cover-up (not makeup). This company provides a suitable solution as a skin discoloration treatment. Click this link to know more about such a remedy.

Age/ Sun Spots:

A common skin discoloration that occurs with age are sun-spots (also known as lentigines). This condition of skin discoloration appears as flat, circular, brown spots, that are about 5–20mmin diameter. These skin-spots occurs over a lifetime of prolonged exposure to the sun. They often appear as skin discoloration on the face and back of the hands or any other part of your body that is in direct contact of sunlight.


This one of the most common skin discolorations observed in people who are undergoing some type of hormone fluctuation. Melasma appears on the face and likely to be on both the top and middle layer of the skin, which makes it especially tricky to treat.

There are medical remedies to offer a respite from this condition. As a skin discoloration treatment, this company provides a light liquidized application as a solution. Get in touch with them today, to get a uniquely designed cover-up to cater to your specific condition and skin tone.

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