SpaceCDN Review – Best Way To Speed Up Your Website

Before implementing CDN I did not suspect how much difference it can make. SpaceCDN and their network have helped me to make my website ideal. I would definitely recommend this company and its services to both beginners and professional site developers and organizations.

How does it work?

First and foremost, it is crucial to comprehend how CDN system works and what it consists of. CDN, or content delivery network, is a complex of edge servers that cache content and the main server that is the source of data. Edge servers are located in different geographical locations and PoPs (points of presence). It should be mentioned that content delivery network is not an alternative to hosting solutions – this service comes as an addition to the current hosting plan, and the server is used as the origin.

The principle of work is pretty simple. First, the user uploads new files and content on the main server (his server, or server provided by his hosting company). When a website visitor makes a request for the content, it is sent from the origin server and is cached on the edge server through which the connection is established. Next visitors will get the content loaded from the closest edge servers, and it will be delivered quicker.

Therefore, the main aim of CDN is to reduce the distance between end-users and the source of data. The less miles content has to travel, the faster it will reach the visitor – it’s a simple law of physics. However, it’s important to remember that the quality of connection and speed depend not on the number of PoPs, but rather on their location. The user should define the location of target audience and select networks accordingly. Otherwise, he will overpay for unused PoPs. Most CDN solutions are designed to serve static content (images, CSS, JavaScript, etc.), but there are networks that accelerate dynamic content delivery, too.

P.S.: If your website is local, e.g. you have target audience in one small region, CDN will be of no use, and can even have adverse effects on hosting.

Advantages of CDN

Content delivery networks can do wonders for websites. Just like other projects, my online business was improved greatly thanks to the following benefits:

  1. The speed of most pages was boosted by 40-60%, and users in most regions admitted that website loading took not more than 3 seconds. Thus, I’ve managed to outperform my competitors and reduce bounce rate. Seems like now user experience is perfect.
  2. Since speed is an important SEO factor, the ranking of my website in Google and other search engines has also improved. My website now is on the first results page, and potential customers find my project more often via Internet.
  3. The number of customers has doubled in a year, and conversion rates are pretty high together with the sales level. My business is thriving and attracting new clients.
  4. With CDN, I didn’t have to deal with DDoS attacks and hacking. It has powerful firewall that blocks all malicious traffic and suspicious requests.
  5. Content delivery network provides global coverage, and now I can reach all my customers, no matter where they are located. I’m planning to expand the presence of my business in Asia and CIS regions, and it will be pretty simple with SpaceCDN as they provide scalable solutions.
  6. CDN service appeared to be a less costly solution than I suspected. I only pay for used resources, and the price is agreeable. This technology compensates expenses very quickly!
  7. SpaceCDN has decent customer support, and I can contact their agents any time I have technical issues and problems. Now I’m not afraid of technical issues, because my project is always backed up properly.

Content delivery network has a lot of advantages for websites, starting from speed acceleration and finishing by better security options. This is a must for businesses that want to improve performance of their websites and attract new customers.

SpaceCDN is the best option!

I approached the selection of content delivery network with all responsibility and seriousness. The market is full of different offers from tens of providers. After reading reviews about the most popular companies and their services, I’ve decided to opt for something cheaper. SpaceCDN appeared to be exactly what I search for! This is a reseller that works with the world’s biggest providers: Verizon, HighWinds, AhCDN, UCDN, and CDNNow) and has really low prices. Their cheapest network is worth $10/month only! It costs me a bit more, but these expenses are not devastating for my budget, and with pay-as-you-go system I don’t pay for unused bandwidth. Besides, SpaceCDN always has some special offers and discounts, and customers can always negotiate an individual price.

What else? I was positively surprised by the quality of customer support in SpaceCDN. The team helped me to figure out an appropriate solution that meets demands and meets of my business, and matches my budget. Agents explained me how to deploy CDN correctly and set it up. Just in an hour, everything was up and working. Whenever I had questions, I could contact SpaceCDN support via Skype or live chat, and they answered in a couple of minutes. With their help, I did not have any technical issues or complaints – but website is always working like a clock!

If you are planning to expand your presence in the Net and want global coverage, consider SpaceCDN networks. They have more than 200 PoPs all over the world: the USA, Europe, Russia and CIS, Asia, Australia and Latin America. Clients are free to choose a network with any PoPs locations – the choice of solutions is enormous. The prices are individual, and customers are always free to switch and scale up and down. With SpaceCDN, you don’t have to conclude a contract, which makes me trust them more.

Not sure if the chosen network will work well for your business? You will have up to 30 days of free trial period. That gave me a chance to understand how CDN works, what influence it has on my website, and how to manage it. Many companies don’t provide such opportunity, and you have to make a decision blindfold.

Last but not the least, I want to mention additional services of CDN networks. I did not know that there are so many options and aspects that can be customized! SpaceCDN helped me with firewall, settings TTL of cached files, and other features. If you need overall control over content delivery networks, here you will have it!

After making a detailed analysis of different CDN providers and their solutions, and working with SpaceCDN for more than a year, I can say this is the right choice for individual developers and enterprises. You will have maximum benefit with minimum expenses, believe me.

Content Provided by Taddy Sanders

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