Take A Trip To Pune To Explore Beyond Its Boundaries

The excitement you feel before you venture to a new destination for a holiday never gets old. This article talks about a trip to Pune and visiting the beautiful places near it.

A city like Pune offers a deal of things for anyone looking to have a nice holiday, regardless of their age and preference. This old city which was once a conservative one has today grown to become a young and fresh city. Cochin to Pune flights and flights or trains to anywhere in the country are regularly available at all times and remain busy throughout the year due to the inflow of tourists and travellers. If you are looking to have a good time in Pune besides the places of interest in the city, here are some places you can head out to.



Daman has transformed into a unimaginable weekend destination for people from Mumbai and Pune. It is situated exactly between the two western states, Gujarat and Maharashtra, which makes it approachable from both tourist favorite states. Daman is additionally known for being one of just a modest bunch couple of Portuguese states through the nineteenth and twentieth century.


Mumbai and Pune are very lucky to have Goa as a weekend getaway. Pune is not extremely far from India’s most sought after party destination and in the event that you have around 4 days in your grasp to take a fast trek, then that is all you need to have a blast in Goa! You can visit parts of North Goa and old Goa amid the day and do some shopping in the road markets and later by dusk, head towards south Goa and hit the shorelines where the beat drops and the party kicks off!


Arranged along Raigad region’s coastline stretch, Shrivardhan is one of the less populated beach destinations in the state of Maharashtra. Not very many people know of the spot and even though there isn’t much to do here, you can basically lay back and unwind on your stay here. In any case, of course Shrivardhan is one of the best places to visit in the state, as it prompts more than a group of various destinations for a not too bad shoreline road trip.  


Arranged on the banks of stream Kali, Dandeli is one of the top white water rafting destination in the condition of Karnataka. Arranged around 1500 ft above sea level and incorporated by thick forests, the atmosphere there is truly superb. It is a destination valued by water sports devotees. The prize of passing by Dandeli is the diverse trekking trails and campgrounds you can examine. If you are done checking out all the places to visit in Pune and looking for some adventure, Dandeli is the answer.


Tarkarli is amongst the most well known shoreline destinations of Maharashtra. Arranged in the Sindhudurg district of the state, it is home to one of just a modest bunch few, best scuba diving areas in India. The town is connected with the backwaters of the Kali River where you can welcome a swim or a boat ride. Considering the way that you have more than one night to spend at Tarkarli, you could choose a short course in scuba diving to exploit the long weekend.

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