Technologies Those Are Vital For Search Engine Optimization

The world is changing and evolving and so the marketing practice, they have taken a turn and now everything happens online on a digitalized world. There are many companies who are using SEO as a tool for marketing their business. Every business needs to handover their marketing practices to SEO company in Pakistan to get effective results as they have the proper expertise and skills

Here are some technologies which would help you to make the best use of marketing practices.

Website Has To Be Trending, For It To Survive:

There are fast page loads, user friendly sites and access to multiple new sources are some of the vital needs for interest users. People are using internet everyday and most of the time in their lives. Mobile phone has replaced papers, newspapers, books everything is available on mobile phones now.

How Is It Accessed?

This is the main question, how do you access newspapers or books online. You just make a Google search and then click on the first link that appears, if it doesn’t load or takes time then you are likely to opt for another link. We live in a fast growing world where no one has a lot of time. Everyone needs things to be quick and fast.

Search engine optimization is known be an ever changing landscape. If we talk about traditional times there were only desktops available, but now we have mobile phones, social media. Exchanging messages and communication has become a lot easier then it use to be. Hence, Google being the leader for search engines keeps improving their technologies so that maximum people can benefit through it. Hence, for all the website owners it is important for them to stay alert and compatible with changing Google technologies.


Everyone these days have cell phone. There millions of searches performed every day, more searches than the desktop users. This is because mobile phones are feasible to use. Hence, Google also came up with something and it was known as the apocalypse of the internet. It was a start to mobile-geddon

What Is Mobile-Geddon?

This is software that promoted listings of websites that were mobile friendly in their search results. All these websites that weren’t friendly with mobile devices were left out which meant that their ranking simply dropped out. This means that the rankings for those websites also dropped.

The features or characteristics of a mobile friendly device are mentioned below.

  • It doesn’t require a flash player and other similar software.
  • Websites are likely to fit the mobile screens, eliminating the need to zoom in and out.
  • Text is readable which means no need to zoom it.
  • It is also thumb friendly and eliminates the need to use all fingers.

Google has applied this criterion for individual pages, if you are looking to put these technologies into your business then try looking for a SEO company in Pakistan to hand them  over your marketing department.

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