Replacing your business telephone system? Avoid these mistakes!

Setting up a new business?

Moving your business to a different location?

Fret not! We have got you covered.

You should hire a telephone system engineer Exeter services to uninstall and reinstall your business telephone system adequately by trained and certified engineers at a reasonable price. Why are we suggesting you hire a professional team instead of letting you inhouse technician do the same job? Because a professional phone repair technician has the required knowledge and skill to identify and resolve the issue. Professional technicians are well-equipped with the necessary pieces of equipment and tools to accurately fix the problem in no time.

If you are indecisive about whether should you get a new business telephone system, then keep reading. If your answer to these question is: No, then we suggest you replace your existing telephone system:

  • Has the phone been in the organization for more than a decade?
  • Is the manufacturer of the phone still in business?
  • Is There a repair person/shop nearby that know how to fix telephone issues of your particular phone brand?

If your answer to these question is yes, then also you are in dire need of a new business  telephone system:

  • Has the call volume of your business significantly increased?
  • Is your business suffering because of lack of features and functionality?
  • Is your system running out of capacity?
  • Is your phone bill skyrocketing and you cannot explain why?

It’s about time you replace your existing business telephone system. Make sure that you don’t make these mistake:


Not considering the analog requirements :


Many business owners, while looking for a new business telephone system overlook the analog demand of the business communication. Not every device will function properly when converted to IP. Hence it is essential for every business to identify the equipment’s requirement and accordingly install a hybrid instead of a pure IP System.


Overlooking network capability:


Thinking that your phone will able to transfer voice without any problem means ignoring the network assessment which implies checking whether or not the packets will; be delivered without any delay, how much the jitters will impact the voice traffic and will there be an issue with the data traffic? Performing a network assessment to diagnose and resolve problems is necessary before the voice traffic gets affected.


Basing the selection on technicalities:


Whichever telephone system you wish to replace your existing system with must only be purchased and installed after business users are on-board with it. Only heeding recommendation of IT team will leave you with a system that is undoubtedly technically advanced, but the business user won’t be able to use it, considering the complexity. Pick a telephone system solution that is user-friendly and yet delivers satisfactorily. Implement such telephony system that identifies user’s requirements and provides necessary tool to give the best answer.


Be certain so as not to make the mistakes mentioned above while replacing your business telephone system, For repair and servicing of the telephone of any company, immediately consult a professional telephone system engineer Exeter services for best in telephone services at reasonable price.

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