Tips For Combining Belongings When You Move In Together

In some relationships you get to a point where separate each night to return to homes longer different option. It feels the need to share the most intimate aspects of life, such as pillows and bathroom. Living together is an option that many couples arise when they are not ready to take the step of marriage or as a step in the relationship.

The decision is made, you are going to live together and your things are his, how do you combine all? Achieves harmony in a new home with your boy attaching and discarding belongings with these simple but effective tips.

It should be a problem deciding what to keep and what not? Yes for many couples it is a part with certain belongings conflict; what we were coffee? But this works better wait? My room is much more minimalist than yours, stop!

Tips For Combining Belongings When You Move In Together

Lists Belongings and Planned Space

When you begin to do the move would be good to make a list of everything they have, paying special attention to the furniture, bedding and kitchen utensils. This is necessary to have a good idea of what is there and then decide what stays and what goes. The next step will be to plan the spaces of the apartment to share. Think how much everything needed, and where the will, and then continue to the next step.

Time to Clean

Once you know all they have is time to choose what to include in the new house and what not. Coldly think what really need and ignore what hurt. It is a good opportunity to organize things and donate what they will not use. You’d better get rid of repeated things and what not used for years, not occupy living space of the house and do not look so full. Another good idea is to organize a garage sale with leftover belongings and do not want to donate because they can benefit from some extra money that will serve to other issues.

Communication Benefits

Go live with your friend is a big step that, in addition to the sentimental, committed other facets of your life. Always remember that communication is a tool that should never be absent, especially in moving, organization and new home decoration.

There are always going to agree, perhaps he wants you do not like and vice versa. Only a matter of negotiating and planning every detail together. So everything will be fine!

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