Tips & Tricks to Consider To Win An Escape Room Challenge

After juggling up with the list of things you can do at a weekend, not obviously you have settled for the option of escape rooms. We assure you that you have made the right decision with this choice. This is the most fun and thrilled adventurous experience that you can have with your friends and family.

In which you are trapped and the only option of getting out is through solving whatever challenge is thrown at you. There can be multiple things which can come to the participants as a problem. puzzles to find locks to open,  riddles to solve, are a few to name.



Going to play for the first time? Well, if yes, then, fortunately, we have a list of tips and tricks which you can use to win an escape room challenge. So, if you are ready for a level 1 escape conquest in Calgary, then first take a look at the tips which we’ve hand-picked especially for you:

It is recommended to play with friends or family:

Escape room is more of a group challenge. Its goal is to increase the teamwork among the people who are playing it. Imagine yourself with a room filled with 10 people and none of them is corporative or have a difference of opinion among them. Won’t it’ll be difficult for you to play and also it won’t be as exciting and enjoyable as it would have been with either your friends or family members. Therefore try to catch-up with your friends and have a different experience altogether.

Search method- Divide and conquer:

From the starting line, when you get finalized with your teammates, split the room into a section and assign different people a particular section. They will look in that section only. With this method, you get an assurance that each corner of the room is well search and thoroughly inspected. This also helps in preventing the situation when people waste time searching for a singular area twice or repetitively. Which waste a large of valuable time.

Listen to every teammate’s suggestion:

This game is a not a solo challenge. You need to listen to the suggestions of your teammates too. This is the only way when you can win. Therefore, even if your teammate has a craziest suggestion but a reasonable one, as this is the escape room we are talking about. Even the craziest idea can make you win. You must consider all reasonable idea and try it.

Although there are more tip and tricks nothing is more important than having the utmost fun when you’re in experiencing a level 1 escape challenge in Calgary. If you have not yet decided where to enjoy such a thrilling adventure then we might have the most exemplary option you can have in Calgary. This company has the most amazing escape room for you. Click this link to book a level 1 escape room in Calgary today, before it too late.

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