Trends in innovation in residential roofs

The roof is a critical component of a functioning home, as it provides protection from external environmental factors. Added to that, it offers a unique décor extension as it can be customized to fit the aesthetic needs of the home owner. The roof can be designed in multiple formats and made unique to the taste of the owner.

When it comes to residential roofing, there are various innovations that are making it easier to install and are more durable in general. Owners have multiple options to choose from, as the market opens even further. 2019 is set to be the year of innovative roofing, as more products are launched that are consumer-friendly.    

Solar roofing and eco-friendly options

Solar roofing options are set to be on the rise, as more owners become eco-friendly. They’re concerned with their carbon footprint and are opting for brands that offer these solutions. Additionally, there is an element of energy conservation and value-add in installing solar roofs. They save up on energy bills and offer a sense of eco-pride. For owners that are environmentally focused, they offer a roofing solution that saves them on electricity bills as well. This makes them a complementary solution to other eco-friendly measures that can be planned.

Coloured roofing solutions   

High-quality professional grade roofs are being launched in the market as a complete roofing option. Everglow Jindal galvanised sheets are emerging as a quality option to go for when decorating your home interiors. Since the roof can now be colour coded and selected as per the preference of the owner, they’re becoming increasingly popular.    

Coloured roofing sheets are also being produced that are coloured on both sides. This means that owners can brand their homes from the outside and also focus on roofing as a décor solution on the inside. Owners can create unique combinations within the home using multiple colours offered.

Roofing for temperature management

As temperatures rise in India, people are looking for solutions that can curb the heat. They’re searching for the best corrugated tin sheets price in India so that they can get a good deal on a durable product. Many roofing sheets manufacturers offer a temperature control function as well.   

These companies are ISI approved and offer premier roofing solutions that have temperature control properties. The roofs stop the radiation from entering the home and raising the temperature of the interiors. It allows owners to cut down on their cooling bills and maintaining an ambient feeling inside the home. While coloured roofing offers aesthetical value, temperature control products offer a functional value as well and are hence preferred by more people.

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