Turn Your Drone Hobby Into A Money Maker!

Make Your Hobby Your Business (And Have Fun Doing It!)

Your drone isn’t just your favorite toy. While you may have a blast exploring your location with a high-powered drone, you can also turn your hobby into a full- or part-time job.

We’ve compiled a how-to guide of making your drone hobby a lucrative effort. All you need is an idea and a sense of imagination in order to thrive with your new business venture.

Five Ways To Make Money Off Your Drone

1. Aerial Photography

Whether you live in a bustling beach town or a sparkling city, your drone has an aerial view that can’t be captured with a standard camera. Start a photography business snapping stunning shots o your area and market them for sale. Many local magazines and art collectors look to these innovative photographs for a unique piece to display.

You can also sell video footage to companies looking for travel advertising. Prepare to start with small jobs and work your way up to larger ones with more pay.

2. Partner with a Real Estate Company

Those looking for a luxurious piece of real estate want to know the location from all angles. Drone owners can work with real estate agents and companies to photograph their properties. Most companies pay by hour while others pay for individual jobs.

Real estate businesses may or may not credit you for your work, so be sure to draw up a contract in order to get the money you deserve. You may even receive a full-time job if the company enjoys your work.

3. Teach a drone class

Drones are a new technology most people want to know about. Consider renting a spot at a community center to teach a class to amateurs. If you own multiple drones, you can also rent them out with a security deposit for extra money.

Drone classes can be taught to young photographers and those older folks looking for a fresh new hobby. The activity of flying drones booms in popularity every year so it’s sure not to just be a new fad.

4. Roof repairs and disaster relief

Property owners and insurance agents want to make sure a home is up to date and safe for residents. They’ll want to hire a skilled drone user to check the roofs and report back if any repairs may be needed.

In addition, relief efforts with storm-ridden areas require assessment of the area. Rather than send a team to a dangerous area, a drone can be used to photograph and video the location to see what needs to be fixed.

5. Re-sell and rent Drones

The internet is full of places to sell your used and refurbished drones. Users sometimes buy the latest models just to offer them up at a discount after a few uses. Drone owners can also rent their equipment out to companies and individuals, as long as they leave a security deposit so you can cover your bases.

Most importantly, have fun with your new ventures! There are many sights to see with a drone and you have the vision to gaze from the sky. Happy travels with your business!

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