Understand Refrigerator Capacities And Sizes Clearly

When you go shopping for refrigerator, numbers do matter. Size, capacity, storage type, and energy efficiency needs to be determined. The two main features that confuse us are –

  • Sizes and dimensions
  • Net and gross capacities

External dimension

Common question buyers ask, ‘What size fridge to choose?’ Check external dimensions before buying. Usually, refrigerators are available in –

Width – 50, 55 or 60 cm

Depth – 50 to 65 cm

Height depends on style chosen:

  • Under counter models measure not more than 90 cm, so that you can have them installed underneath kitchen worktops
  • Taller models are 185 cm to 190 cm
  • Smaller models are 145 cm

Bear in mind, that you will need little extra space on top, sides, and back for proper air circulation. Even measure the doorframe or narrow hallway because you don’t wish to struggle getting the fridge you bought inside your home. This stands true for brands like LG and Samsung as well.

With size you will also need to consider the door opening. Choosing door that opens right way, prevents it from clashing with adjoining kitchen units. However, some units have doors that are reversible. It offers extra flexibility.

Understand Refrigerator Capacities And Sizes Clearly

Internal capacity

Capacity of fridge is given in liters. Fridge capacity means the amount of interior space available to store food items. A model, which is large on the exterior will not necessarily give more interior space for storage. So, it is crucial to check the capacity listed in spec.

Capacity will be mentioned in 2 terms – net and gross. Let’s clearly understand the difference, so that you can buy the right size.

  1. Net capacity – It indicates the actual interior capacity or usable space to store food after deducting things like shelves and fixed compartments.
  2. Gross capacity – Gross capacity is total space inside the refrigerator including exterior walls. It is not the correct indicator of interior space.

You can see there is a difference between net and gross capacity, so remember this when you compare features on CompareRaja.in. Compare apples to apples.

How to choose suitable capacity?

Big does not mean better always. Running half empty refrigerator is waste of energy, so select suitable size. Basically you can choose Godrej fridge size on basis of family size.

Suggested capacity according to family size:

  • 50 Liters to 80 Liters – one person
  • 150 Liters to 250 Liters – 2 to 3 family members
  • 250 Liters – 330 Liters – 4 to 5 family members
  • 350 Liters – 490 Liters – 6 and more members

Above recommendations of fridge size are common but if your usage is high because of specific use then choose one with little high size.

After deciding size, your next question is which model to choose – single, double, triple door or side-by-side door. Each model has size limitations, so check the suggested models on the basis of fridge size.

Suggested model according to fridge size:

  • Single door – 50 Liters to 80 Liters
  • Single, double, triple door – 150 Liters to 250 Liters
  • Double, triple door – 250 Liters – 330 Liters
  • Double, side-by-side door – 350 Liters – 490 Liters

Finally, check if there is enough room in the kitchen or other location, you desire to place the refrigerator. Large size fridge for small kitchen is an issue. So, consider all the aspects thoroughly, before deciding.

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