Utilising An Extension For A Cosy Christmas Day

There’s nothing better than Christmas Day with the family. That warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you wake up early in the morning (no matter how old you are) and reach for the stocking at the end of your bed. We all have very different Christmas traditions depending on the household that we grew up in, but there will always be a certain point during Christmas Day where you’ll come together with your family and open present together. Now, think about where you have always done this? It might be around the dinner table before or after your Christmas meal, in a bedroom with some people on the floor and others still in bed, first thing in the morning on the living room floor or countless other spaces in the home.

Now, take a step back and consider how lovely it would be to open up your Christmas presents with your family and loved ones in one calm, serene and cosy place. Sounds great doesn’t it? That space we’re on about is your home extension, and it’s a cosy, warm and welcoming place if you choose to install a roof lantern this Christmas.

Plenty of Natural Light

The best thing about a roof lantern being installed on to your flat roof extension is that it immediately brings plenty more natural light into your home than you were previously receiving. The depths of winter can be quite dark and dreary, especially if you’re waking up early (as so many of us do out of excitement on Christmas Day!). Bringing that mass of natural light into your home immediately makes it warmer, more comforting and comfortable, so when you step downstairs on Christmas morning you’ll feel warm and fuzzy from the excitement and the light that’s flooding into your home.

A Clean and Tidy Space to Enjoy 

The light also accentuates the positives about any space, and a roof lantern can certainly make your extension seem like a much tidier, wider and bigger space than it might actually be in reality. On Christmas morning as you gather as a family this provides the perfect backdrop to sit with a cup of tea and toast and talk as a family about your plans for the day.

Multi-Purpose for Christmas Day

By adding a roof lantern you are helping to transition your home extension from an extra room that is sometimes used for one thing, into a multi-purpose space that the entire family wants to use all the time. By bringing in so much more light and space you can certainly achieve this on Christmas morning. It can be the perfect location for opening presents early on Christmas morning, then quickly changed to become the dining space for you all to sit around the table and eat turkey, Christmas pudding and tell rubbish Christmas cracker jokes. Then when you’re all stuffed full of indulgent Christmas food it can become the space for you all to unwind and relax in the evening.

A roof lantern can make a significant difference to a home extension, becoming the central hub of all activity on a special day like Christmas day.

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