Why Is Addiction Treatment Needed?

Addiction to drugs is a complex and serious disorder that has the ability to rupture nearly every aspect of the addicts life, including all elements involved at work, at home or at school. Because drug addiction is such a complex problem, rehabilitation from drug addiction tends to take many different forms. Some of the components of a drug rehabilitation program focus on repairing what the use of the drug damaged while other aspects of the recovery program focus on easing the drug user into a more interactive relationship at home and at work. Treatment for those seeking recovery from drug abuse will utilize multiple settings and engage both physiological and behavioral approaches. Typically, such approaches will include counseling, case management, medication treatment and behavioral therapy, as well as other service options.

Why Is Addiction Treatment Needed?

Addiction and drug abuse problems are generally treated in a physician’s office, a mental health clinic or a rehabilitation center. Social workers, psychiatrists, nurses and counselors will all work together to assist their client in gaining freedom from addiction.

The sense of dependency addiction creates can cause the drug abuser to experience a decreased sense of purpose and self worth. The knowledge that many perceive addiction negatively can induce a feeling helplessness and shame, which in turn can increase dependence on the drug.

The usage of drugs such as marijuana, heroin and crystal meth can have a seriously debilitating effect on the brain of the user. A description of how these commonly abused drugs work follows.


Marijuana, also known as “gangster”, “bud” and “pot” is one of the most common and most dangerous drugs available. Only a few minutes after the drug has been released into the user’s body, the chemical tetrahydrocannabinol arrives in the brain and tricks it into releasing the hormone dopamine, the chemical the brain associates with pleasure. Not long after, the drug user will suddenly feel that he or she is far more dangerous than Agent 007 and that he or she can easily take out the whole world. Numerous pleasurable sensations will flash throughout their body, such as dramatically intensified visual perception, an enhanced sense of touch and the sensation that time is standing still. However, the high does not last long. After just a couple uses of marijuana, the user’s body acclimatizes to the overdose of dopamine, forcing the user to increase his or her dosage levels of the drug in order to still get the high. If the user of the drug does not get help soon after getting addicted, he or she will typically continue increasing the dosage amounts until the ultimate limit is reached and he or she dies from an overdose.


Like marijuana, heroin ranks in the top ten most addictive drugs in the world. Withdrawal from heroin is ranked in the top three most painful withdrawal experiences. Only withdrawal from crystal meth is more painful. A majority of the time, heroin is “shot” into the veins, a practice which frequently puts the user at risk of infection from AIDS and other viruses introduced into the blood through the practice of sharing needles with other users. Heroin is among the more deadly drugs because it actually breaks down cells in the body, destroying the user from the inside out. Continued heroin usage will lead to emaciation, then excessive boniness and then death. After the first rush, the user of the drug will feel exceedingly drowsy and peaceful for several hours before experiencing an irresistible craving for more. The withdrawal symptoms from this drug are quite nasty, including severe aches and pains, excessive restlessness, internal discomfort and heavy vomiting.

Crystal Meth

Crystal Meth, known by scientists as methamphetamine and by users as “crystal meth”, “ice”, “speed”, “Chrissy” and “tweak”, is an extremely powerful drug commonly used in nightclub settings. The drug is so strong that it takes only one use to become addicted. Crystal Meth causes multiple reactions in the body. The user will feel extremely alert, as a result of rising body temperature. Often, the user’s body temperature rises so high that he or she passes out. Addiction to tweak is the hardest in the world to break.

Holistic recovery centers are designed to help drug addicts to recover from their addiction problems through all-natural methods, as opposed to the commonly used chemicals or “safe” drugs used to treat addiction in traditional rehab centers. Sober podcasts are also used to show clients how the program has worked for others and how it will work for them.

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