Winter Is Here And so Are Your Furnace Problems

Let’s face it, winters (no matter what region) are the best time to enjoy warmth in your home! Who doesn’t love to use their furnace to the maximum, especially if you live in Vancouver, where the temperatures can dip as low as 0.9℃ (annual average), with the lowest recorded temperature being -10℃.

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Furnace Not Heating Well

While this is a major complaint from most households stating that their furnace is not producing the right amount of heat, it is possible there is a bigger problem. Speaking from experience, when we go for inspecting furnaces, we find most of the times the furnace is not producing enough heat due to internal damage to the filters. The heat is generally blocked by filters that might need replacement. Either they have clogged up or damaged. If damaged, we assess all the possibilities behind it in order to help avoid a bigger problem. We check and change your clogged filters with new ones that are compatible with your furnace.

Furnace Not Turning On

If the furnace is not operating at all, you might need to inspect your safety switch. Basically, this safety switch is not a hindrance but actually helps prevent any damage to your furnace in case something is off. You can check for your furnace’s door – if it is not in proper place, the safety switch will not allow the furnace to work.

Check Burner Flames

Your furnace’s burner flames are very important for your furnace to work properly. If not in proper shape, this can lead to many other furnace problems allowing it to not work properly. You can easily inspect the burner by yourself as well. Clean your burner with a vacuum. Make sure to turn off the power supply when doing the same. Once you clean the burner and the areas around it, check if it needs any lubrication, which is not necessarily needed very frequently. This can be done once annually, and if you are not sure about your burner’s condition or do not wish to make any mistakes while handling your furnace’s maintenance, make sure you call furnace repair experts in Vancouver WA.

Furnace Making A Noise On Operating

Another one of the most common furnace problems faced by homeowners is their furnace making a noise and not operating well. We get this repair request all the time and the only solution for this one is to get furnace repair (Vancouver WA). There are several reasons that can be the root cause, some of them are – your furnace’s ductwork needs repair, pilot light needs to be adjusted, check your motor to fan connection, maybe your motor bearing needs repair. If you are confused and it seems hard to figure out the root cause, you may give us a quick call at Millers Heating for any furnace repair in Vancouver WA.

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