Would You Hire A Procurement Influencer To Tap The Best Available Solutions?

An enterprise has plenty of options when it comes to getting procurement solutions. One of the best methods is to get the perspective of a well known influencer, who can identify the right strategies to use. Many professionals, key management personnel or decision makers are encouraged to listen to them and then obtain the best processes for the company. By just asking the right questions, you can get the right outcome from the influencer. A consultation approach works well so that the procurement division is not undervalued. And this matters across industries.

Would You Hire A Procurement Influencer To Tap The Best Available Solutions?

Focus on the largest spend category 

What does your organization have to spend on the most? 

This question should ideally trigger the need for the optimal procurement solutions. For example, for one company it may be IT solutions, for another it could be the raw materials to make flagship products, or a component that is required to keep the business going. A purchase manager is no longer a lone backend help in the organization. He is now an ‘influencer’ whose time to be in the spotlight has come. His job now is to handle-software purchase, research, outsourcing of services, consulting, and provide provisional support when required. Many organizations still are reactive in their approach rather than being proactive, when it comes to gathering the requirement for all disciples in the company. With a narrow perspective, the role of the manager is ill-defined. If he is empowered, he can have a better vision to fulfil his role in the company. If he is allowed to identify the largest and probably the lowest spend in the company, he can choose some of the best solutions. On his own he may not have the capability or have research oriented skills. He would need to speak to a market influencer in the circle to know the weak spots and strengths of various vendors the company requires. With deep insight he will be able to prepare a report, work out strategies, and introduce solutions. If he initiates a system that is forced upon and not understood, it may backfire. Hence, he will need to even have a full blown training session with the workforce who will need to know how it works. Assistance from a market influencer will be an added benefit.

Influencer advantages

Many vendors have professionals who double up as consultants or influencers to help their customers to adopt procurement solutions they offer. They help in demo processes and offer final support for customers to understand the full potential of services. A proper action will enable better deployment of multiple processes. Motivation comes from the right people who know which software will support the business. Many e-sourcing solutions are common across customers and vendors offer customized packages. The most common features that almost all should provide are:

  1. Easy interface and navigation abilities through the system when it is installed.
  2. Ability to accept, reject, and track various purchase orders.
  3. SRM solutions should have regulatory structure for time, cost saving, and transparency.
  4. An eye on risk management is also required.
  5. Options of web-based and cloud purchasing activities should be available.
  6. Accountability matters and an onboarding solution adds value.

Whether you are a SME or a larger one, procurement solutions are required. It will definitely change the business landscape for you and the earlier it is added to the new year’s list the better it is. If you have had hiccups last Christmas season due to poor promotions of products, non-availability of procurement apps, and also less co-ordination between employees then it is time to make the change. There is no harm in trying to outsource the requirements to a professional agency or a market influencer who knows the nature of your company’s requirement. What you stand to gain is:

  • Spend analysis category wise
  • Strategy oriented solutions
  • Spot orders and content outsourcing
  • Payment services-making receipts, invoices, and reconciliation of accounts
  • Efficient ways to deal with customers, suppliers, and co-partners
  • Big Data management

Many outsourcing companies provide flexible approaches and configure the needs to on premises or cloud based solutions. Supply chain management and procurement solutions fulfill a company’s lifecycle and transform the way business operates-locally and globally. With the right focus the division is valued and provides a platform to meet challenges.

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