Amazing Uses Of A Rental Property Management Software

Rental Property Management Software provides multiple benefits and uses that is not only beneficial for landlords but tenants will also find it more convenient than spending more time on paperwork. Being a landlord, you can create online rental portal so that you can provide an easy platform for your tenants. On the other hand, tenants can also easily fill the details in the portal that only takes minutes.

As renting property business is rapidly catching its pace, rental property management software easens their daily operations regarding rents and accounting. Efficiently. This not only maintains costs and expenses but also helps in paying taxes.  Get the rental property management software from AvailerOn and ensure the reliability and efficiency in your business.

Following are areas The Rental Property Management Software can be used.

Amazing Uses Of A Rental Property Management Software

Handle Business operation

It provides one-stop solution for the communication amongst tenants, vendors and owners to get things done. All these can be authentically managed by rental property management software effectively and efficiently. Also, you will experience less errors. It will conveniently manage

  • Resident portal: It manages daily maintenance request from tenants so that you can deliver the service timely.
  • Landlord portal: It provides easy access to financial reports.
  • Document storage: landlord can easily store the document in the cloud and can access anywhere, anytime.
  • Work orders: landlord get to track the maintenance request from tenants and can also manage vendors for the same.
  • Property inspections: You can easily inspect all of your units.
  • Renters insurance: You can easily require insurance for your tenants.

Manage accounting

Involving in renting business requires managing several accounting tasks such as  tracking budget, rent, vendor payments any many more. When you have property management software, you do it easily and efficiently. Here are the areas you can manage:

  • Property accounting: It creates authentic reporting by managing bank accounts
  • Company financials: It easily manages expenses and income of business
  • Online payments: You can make and receive payments easily from your tenants.
  • Tax payments: You can save your time by easily filing 1099 forms for taxation.

Manage leasing

Rental Property Management Software helps you easily better tenants after a complete screening and authentication of applications. Below are the manageable parts:

  • Rental listings: You can easily manage your rental listings.
  • Rental applications: You can accept rental applications from your marketing site and process any related fee.
  • Tenant screening: you can comprehensively run tenant screening.
  • Website: you get a professional website to build your brand and can post rental listings.
  • eLease: It eases the leasing procedure by eSignature and cloud storage of documents.

Give yourself and your tenant a convenient procedure that will easen the day-to-day operation to save time and money. To avail the service, contact us now.

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