Giving A Message Or A Story Through Video VS. Conventional Ways

Everyone around the world surfs the internet and social media pages. Just like traditional advertisement, the internet is also becoming such a cluttered world that it is next to impossible to know what exactly is good or bad. How can one thing benefit us and the other cannot?If you go ask any average user about the last ten minutes of their internet session, they will fail to recall any website except for the one or two where they regularly visit. This means that people surf the internet with a very skeptical approach considering that nothing really is of interest to them unless it is extremely engaging and appeal.

Giving A Message Or A Story Through Video VS. Conventional Ways

On an average a user will spend less than 5 minutes to decide whether a certain company or website is going to be helpful for them. This means all that content and work which you have done for the website is going to go waste, as no one will go to each and every page and read things about it. Hence, the concept of explainer videos has come in where in the modern world, animation and explainer videos help give out the same message in a more engaging, meaningful and brief communication. This not only helps users to get to know you quickly, but also know your story. Through a good explainer video you can very easily convey your story and this is what most modern brands are doing now. Today’s blog is going to talk about the benefits of telling your story through explainer videos.

Increasing Sales:

According to an independent research by the internet retailer, 85% of the people will be likely to try out your services or products if they have seen and understood your explainer video story. These people know who you are and how you can help them, this is why they are your most potential lead. If not sales, these people will at least register you in their minds and next time when the need arises will evaluate the option of coming to you because they know you can also offer them the solution to their problems.

Better Reach:

One of the biggest metrics of social media and internet marketing world is the reach. How you reach to your consumers plays an important role and even the percentage of people you reach because from then on you create changes of getting the users into further action. If your reach is weak, then you automatically filter out other options for your marketing on the internet. This is why anything that can work a better reach on the internet is always an ideal addition into the internet marketing world. Explainer videos with great storylines have a far better reach. This is because most people who will like your video recommend it to others by sharing and this applies the multiplier effect on the video you have. So if you really want to reach more people with higher engagement rates, a great story based explainer video is what you should be working on.

Better Life:

A great story based on animations, music and video never gets old soon. A text might become obsolete and boring, but a video can always be enjoyed multiple times. Hence, your story based explainer video will have more life in terms of communicating the message compared to other avenues and ways.

Cost Efficiency:

Most social media sites charge you only when the customers or users have seen your video completely or for a significant duration of seconds. Hence, your investment does not go to waste when you put some money behind promoting an explainer video.

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