Hills: The Perfect Haven We All Need

The popularity of the hills and vacationing in the hill stations have increased manifold in the past five years. This can be attributed majorly to the stressful and extremely busy lifestyles we all lead. Whether it is our 9 to 5 jobs or our ever-increasing social life, there is anxiety everywhere and it is only increasing more and more with every passing day. People in big cities find themselves left with no time to just sit and relax; basically, spend some time with their own selves. The constant rush to be at places and do things has taken away the most important and dear thing from us—our peace of mind.  

Mental health is as, if not more, important as physical health. The way your mind functions and the energy you draw around yourself make a lot of difference to your personal outlook and personality as well. This is the reason why it is highly recommended by therapists and counsellors alike that youngsters of today must take an occasional break from their hectic lives every now and then. These short breaks help us to find time to relax and rejuvenate our tired souls. And which place is better to go to than the tranquil hills?

Here are five reasons why hills are the perfect destination for your next getaway:

  • Serenity

There is nothing as serene as high ranges of mountains tucked in between clouds and an all-encompassing fog. That, along with no pollution and very few people, just takes the cake away! In hills, one can spend hours without really doing anything. Reading, writing and other hobbies can be undertaken with no disturbance whatsoever.

  • Homestays

It is a well-known fact that the homestays in Uttarakhand and other such hill stations are heavenly. They are converted into homestays from beautiful properties that were originally or still exist as someone’s homes. As a result, they’re warm and hospitable—just like homes are. One can enjoy all the luxuries and a great atmosphere without feeling out of place.

  • Greenery

With a thousand cars on the roads and the air covered with dust and smog, it is a luxury to be around greenery. Hills are covered with beautiful trees and are surrounded by deep woods and bright flowers. Most of the hill stations enjoy lush gardens and forests around. This not only results in fresh air but also surrounds people with positive energy and a healthy atmosphere.

  • Accessibility

Most of the homestays in Uttarakhand, the likes of Himalaica, and other popular hill stations like Nainital, Shimla and Manali have an interface people can connect with ease. They either have websites or Instagram handles along with their email IDs and other details. The owners are hospitable and are ready with directions and reservations so that their guests have a comfortable time reaching the homestays.

  • Local timetable

The best part about visiting a hill station and staying in a homestay is that you get to experience things like a local. Most of the times, the owners of the homestays are ready with itineraries for their beloved guests. Whether it is the place where you can see the most beautiful sunrise or it is the café with the best food, when you’re living in a homestay, you don’t have to worry about researching for the best places yourself. All you have to do is relax and let other people take care of you with their warm hospitality and kind hearts. Truly, a perfect destination to unwind from the busy lives we all live!

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