How to Enhance the Looks of Your Fireplace Mantel?

A fireplace is the most comforting place of the house during winters. But did you know that a perfectly styled fireplace with a well-decorated fireplace mantel can be the key attribute of the room interior look? Also, a fireplace mantel is the place that can be designed and decorated to define the personality of the homeowner precisely. As a mantel is the focus of the room, you need to be careful about how you style it. A poorly styled fireplace mantel can ruin the look of the whole place.

How to Enhance the Looks of Your Fireplace Mantel?

Here are Some Tips to Help You Style the Mantel:

  • The most key factor about a fireplace mantel is that it should match the fireplace design and the interior. It is advisable to unite the overall design concept of your home and the fireplace while designing the fireplace mantel. Wood mantels, stone mantels, stainless steel mantels, copper mantels, marble mantels, and stucco mantels are some top preferred types of fireplace mantels which have the great aesthetic appearance and are durable as well.
  • Never underestimate the effect of the right mirror. A mantel is a place that needs style. What suits more than a large mirror with an interesting frame. The light reflecting properties of a mirror can give a feel of the room being more spacious and open. Also, a mirror can be quite useful on the mantel. But then you need to make sure the frame of the mirror is aesthetically pleasing, and the design suits the theme of the room. Above all, the mirror should be large enough to fit over the mantel and be neither oversized nor undersized.
  • You can also give a rustic style to your fireplace mantel. A rustic mantel on a stone fireplace would conjure a perfect feel of a natural mountain retreat giving the room a relaxing holiday look. Wood fireplace mantels are typically suited for rustic style and have gained immense popularity. Marble is another material that can give a mantel an unexpected and creative outlook.
  • Personalize the mantel. A fireplace mantel is supposed to be a showcase of your individuality. You can adorn the mantel surface with things like urns, family pictures, sculptures or paintings. If you are an artist, you can paint some pictures that can enhance the mantel. You can proudly place on display all the medals, shields and other achievement certificates you or your kid won. Candles and beautiful candle stands and decorative lamps also prove to be good showpieces for fireplace mantels.
  • Stick to a consistent color palette while adorning the mantel. The most common design mistake is not sticking to a consistent color palette. This means, do not fill the mantel with pieces that eventually complete the rainbow. That makes your space to appear disjoint and thereby does not blend with the room interiors. Many people end up making this mistake. This applies to the number of objects as well. Do not over stack the mantel with showpieces. Keep it neat. If it appears to be crowded, it will steal away the look of all the pieces adoring pieces and give a picture of a mess. The best way to go about it is to start with a basic, large piece of decoration that would occupy the most space on the mantel like a mirror or a painting or anything else. Once this is finalized, you can decide what else to place on the fireplace mantel that can further enhance the whole mantel’s look.

Follow these tips, and you are sure to get a perfect fireplace mantel, and your room feels more beautiful and appealing. A beautiful mantel is sure to several catch eyes eyeballs.


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