Know The Causes Of Delays On Construction Projects & How To Avoid Them

Delay in construction can be regarded as time gap in conclusion of actions from a stipulated time as per according to the contract or they can be explained as postponed completion or postponed start of actions to the scheduled work plan. Project delay prevents the project to get complete within stipulated time frame; this means there would be postponements of time necessary which will result in more budgets owing to inflation, end of agreement, cases in court etc. or blends of all these factors.

Completion of a construction project on time and within budget is something that every builder dreams of. However, it becomes very difficult because of certain circumstances. The entire construction project is quite complex as it requires the co-ordination of people, consents, plant goods, and materials. At certain times it can be found that construction can begin in spite of many unidentified matters such as unfinished design information, indefinite site circumstances, and suppliers. As a result of which delays are common.

Know The Causes Of Delays On Construction Projects & How To Avoid Them

Delays are usually caused because of several reasons such as:

  • Weather

  • The distinctiveness of the project

  • Adversarial relationships

  • Poor or impractical scheduling

  • Third party dependencies

  • Speed of decision making

  • Lack of communication

  • Site conditions

  • Lack of information

  • Labor productivity

  • Lack of finance

  • Availability of the site

  • Availability of resources

Lisa Dudzik is a Contracts and Claims Manager from Perth, Australia who says that delays can be reduced by hiring the right individuals who would be the part of the construction team and by performing through site investigations. In addition, vigilant monitoring and regular meetings, right scheduling and effective site management. Moreover, collaborative working and effective coordination can also help in reducing delays. However, then also if any delay occurs, it is very essential to let the client know about the delay. This will prevent further complications at a later stage.

Construction work, particularly on a large scale, needs a large number of people and each one of them brings a specific set of skills to the job. From architects and engineers through to the construction crew themselves, everybody needs to be on the same page to keep the project ticking over. If anybody that you have hired is not up to the task then you are going to experience delays. As such, you should always sensibly inspect anybody that you hire to make sure you get the right team.

By hiring a professional such as Lisa Dudzik one can prevent disruption in the project. As an interruption in the project can result in stopping of the project or can delay its completion for days, weeks, months and even years. Professionals like Lisa guarantees compact contractual management which prevents such situation from taking place.

Since the delay in the project is often considered as a risk; one should get it analyzed at inception or planning stage so that it can be minimized, managed, mitigated shared, or accepted to give some decent results. Therefore, it can be concluded by stating that by hiring a professional like Lisa Dudzik one can minimize the chances of further delay.

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