Large Amounts of Information Made Easily Manageable with the Business News Feeds Summarization Service

Power Text Solutions Ltd. introduces NewsFeed Researcher, a subscription-based service providing daily personalized digests of user’s favorite news sources. The service is based upon the original software technology capable to surface relevant information from within the multiple news stories and present it in a way that makes it easily manageable by the reader. The service allows individual users to quickly familiarize themselves with information contained in large collections of documents. It is also targeted to medium-sized and larger companies, as it automates preparation of information digest reports.

How NewsFeed Researcher helps to cope with information overload?

Though news feeds provide valuable information aggregation, it is still easy to miss pertinent data when looking through a whole news cluster consisting of hundreds or thousands of relevant papers. With the NewsFeed Researcher multi-document summarization technology, it is now possible to digest any news feed cluster on-the-fly.

Why the new business information service is unique?

It is backed by the NewsFeed Researcher engine that outputs a new type of information products. The generated digest is characterized with several specific features.

  • It is a comprehensive, extended summary of all gathered information as a whole.
  • The generated digest itself contains the required information, limiting the need to access original documents.
  • The summarization approach takes special care of outlining multiple key aspects of a news topic, without sticking to the central news only.
  • The composed digests are well-structured, and hence are easily manageable. Each consists of a brief outline (also serving as a contents), detailed thematic sections focusing on particular subtopics, and references (with links to the most essential source documents).
  • Though this is an automatic text compilation, readers hardly notice that, as the compiled text is well-readable (composed of self-sufficient information items, meaningfully ordered, with highlighted subheadings, with no redundancy).
  • Information summary can be built around any news category because the underlying engine is domain-independent.
  • Custom text compilations are focused on a user-indicated aspect, such as particular type of events (mergers, acquisitions, etc) and/or logical relationships (like causes, effects, goals, comparisons, etc.).
  • The digest can represent news clusters of any size, up to thousands of papers.

How to get a preview of the new information product before becoming a subscriber?

To get taste of the new information product, the NewsFeed Researcher website visitors are invited to evaluate the free demo tool behind this service.

The live demo is running on top of the Google Business News. A user selects a cluster of papers related to any of the continuously updated news topics. The system returns multi-document summary built on-the-fly.

How the NewsFeed Researcher service is functioning?

Unlike the demo users, subscribed customers do not have to access the system directly – they just receive regular digests via e-mail. A customer provides a free-style description of the information need (e.g., a particular industry or a group of companies) which is then “translated” into an automatic request used to pick up stories from the news feeds. The engine monitors news sources and fetches papers relevant to the requested topic. As the newsworthy papers accumulate, the system compiles a digest and pushes it out to the subscriber.

The system makes use of the wide-known news feeds, but also can be applied to individual choice of websites preferred by a customer. As an example, an instance of the system is now running on a selection of websites covering the news related to aerospace amp; defense industry.

To sum up, the NewsFeed Researcher business service provides unparalleled post-processing of news feeds, resulting in multi-document digests tailored to the customer’s information need. Its main goal is to aid in making large amounts of information easily manageable. NewsFeed Researcher information retrieval and compilation of digest reports can be tailored to virtually any topic and information resource.

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