Jackie Kennedy aptly said, “Pearls are always appropriate.”

The miracle of nature, a journal of an oyster, pearls are one of most dearest jewel to men and women alike. Almost everyone at one point of their; life has desired to own a set of pearl jewelry and be the Grace Kelly of High Noon. Little children are fascinated by its distinctive shine and color; women keep them safely wrapped in cotton. Pearls are also passed on to the generations, as a sign of utmost love and affection.

Now, pearls are being used in two forms,  natural and cultured. While the natural pearls are not easy to find and source, cultured pearls despite being real are polished with mechanized touch. Rest all you see is simulated pearl that is an imitation. Since not everybody is capable of differentiating between real and fake pearls, counterfeiters take advantage of this ignorance and fleece customers into purchasing faux pearl jewelry for a high price.

Today, we will help you by revealing some aspects that should be put into consideration when you are out looking for that gorgeous pearl set:




As mentioned before, pearls are a naturally rare material which is sourced with a high degree of difficulty. This is why every pearl jewelry set comes with a certificate of authenticity which contains every minuscule information about the set such as the quality of the pearl. Make sure that you are provided the certificate of authenticity by the jewelry suppliers.




Pearls are extraordinarily rare and ostentatiously high-priced, but they have a high-demand which is why the knockoffs are often sold in disguise. You will have to carefully observe the color of the pearl, which would be natural with gold or rose undertones. You can also go for dyed pearls, but you have to be careful with the play of light interference across the pearl’s surface.




Authentic pearls are sourced from oysters tissues, which is successive layers of nacre, consisting of aragonite and conchiolin, the organic compounds that are responsible for giving the pearls its softness and shine. While natural pearls are an entire nacre in its solid form, the cultured pearls have layers of nacre within a nucleus. What determines the quality of pearls is the thickness of the layers of the nacre. The more the thickness of the nacre layers, more satiny sheen the pearl will have.

Now that you know what separates an authentic pearl from the fake ones, why not dodge the hassle of going from store to store, only to end up with a pearl set you don’t like and instead shop from online stores. Aside from saving significantly on time and money, you will get a variety of jewelry from pearl to classic women’s jewelry in India at a reasonable price. From nature-inspired fashion earrings to tribal coin necklace, for men, women to children, you will easily find your next favorite jewelry set on online stores.

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