Traveling To China With Friends? Add These Worth-Exploring Things To Your Bucket List!

So, you are traveling with your GANG- the crazy, goofy friends?

Luck you, folk!

Traveling with friends is like collecting a treasure of memories which is intense, hilarious and of course unforgettable. You can do crazy things, scream, laugh, make memories, and do things that usually parents won’t allow you. But where you have been traveling?


Magical! China is a vast country, with the spectacular scenic beauty, rich heritage, and ancient tradition, the country has so many things to offer. From well-trodden attractions to the off-beat paths, China will surely satisfy your travel bones.

Getting to experience the epicenes of traveling with friends? Have a look at the worthy places that should be on your must-do list:

Trekking to one of the Most Significant Man-Made Architectures

As per the old Chinese adage, ‘he who has never been to the Great Wall is not a true man.’ Hence, the Great Wall is and should be on every visitor’s list that is traveling to China.

With a length of 13,170.7 miles, it’s more like a giant dragon that is worth visiting.

Traveling To China With Friends? Add These Worth-Exploring Things To Your Bucket List!
Get your friends and get set to enjoy the sense of the majesty of this unremarkable piece of engineering. Click pictures and post on your social accounts to let your friends know about the fun you are having.

However, make sure to have best VPN for china, failing which, you might be restricted to some services. Trek along the old sections to have the feel of old architecture.

Why trekking to the ‘Great Wall’:

  • It’s one of the Seven Wonders of the World
  • It is also the largest man-made architecture
  • It symbolizes ancient China

Get Cruised to Yangtze River

Have been sailed at many places? Perhaps not to the world’s third largest river!

If you are traveling to China, wandering along the world’s third largest river, the Yangtze River, is a must. Although it will not please your luxury brains, it features all basic amenities. Passing through the picturesque hilltop villages, going through the fantastic gorges and winding from the past cliffs, you will feel like having a mini adventure.

Get a trip to Chongqing to Yichang and involve yourself in the mesmerizing landscape to enjoy the tranquility and peace of water.

Hike or Walk in Mountains

No matter what you want to do, be it walking hiking mountains or trekking or just walking to the steeps, there’s something for everyone. Climbing to Chinese peaks is a must, as they have their unique specialties.

Scared of trekking to steep mountains? Fret not!

Traveling To China With Friends? Add These Worth-Exploring Things To Your Bucket List!

Book a cable car or travel by bus and get to witness the most scenic beauty of the country. These are some of the beautiful Chinese mountains that you should visit in China:

  • Emei Shan & Wutai Shan

Want some scary adventure? Get to one of the four sacred Buddhist Mountains of China and steep climb to it. Encased by five peaks, the place is more like a town with an amazing viewpoint.

  • Mian Shan:

The Mount man is more like a privately owned area of temples that are built on high cliffs. It features magnificent waterfalls, lush-green beauty and the most significant Taoist temple in China.

  • Yellow mountains:

The spectacular yellow mountain is home to four natural wonders viz. the peculiar pine trees, seas of clouds, hot springs and oddly-shaped rocks. These mountains, because of their natural elements like climbers, are grabbing eyeballs and are becoming one of the top attractions of the tourists.

  • Zhangjiajie:

The place is attracting tourists because of being a filming site of the movie ‘Avatar.’ The rich wildlife, the steep pillars, and the lush plants are what make Zhangjiajie a wonderland.

Learn Kung Fu

Want to try Bruce Lee action to hit your friend’s nose!

Kidding folk!

When in China, make sure to imbibe their traditional sport. Featuring various martial art techniques, breathing exercises, and many internal exercises, it will surely attract you.

And Lastly….

The Chinese Food

Chinese food is undoubtedly one of the most delicious cuisines of the world. With over 600 different ingredients, you will get to treat your taste buds with unique and tempting flavors. Not only the chef’s special but even the simpler dishes will also make your mouth watering.

Traveling To China With Friends? Add These Worth-Exploring Things To Your Bucket List!

Bonus! If you are visiting China to celebrate Spring or New Year, you will get to enjoy the traditional Chinese street food feast.

Pro tips:

  • If you want to make your trip a breeze, make sure:
  • Check Visa, as the country will not offer visa on arrival
  • Prior book hotels, cabs and buses if you have planned your route
  • Get along with the currency
  • Carry a dictionary to minimize language barriers

China has one of the greatest wonders of the world. Though it’s tiring to explore the eye-widening landscape, it’s worth exploring. For sure you will get stumbled upon its rich heritage and gigantic man-made engineering.

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